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daddy’s little girl

that’s me. and with my daddy having his 68th birthday tomorrow, napapa-senti ako ng di oras. most of you who’ve read my blog for some time know that my dad is suffering from alzheimer’s. it’s really heartbreaking watching him most of the time. he couldn’t recognize any of us anymore. not his wife, not his siblings, not any of his kids. it’s like looking at a stranger.

he couldn’t talk. he couldn’t do stuff any normal grown-up would do. someone should be there to prepare food and watch him eat. someone should be there to ensure he drinks enough water everyday. someone’s giving him baths, dressing him up.

and i haven’t been a good daughter to him since he was struck with this disgusting disease. not once have i tried in assisting yaya or my brothers in giving him baths or trying to feed him. at first, i was scared. he was prone to having violent fits most times. especially when it was bath time. it was as if he was hydrophobic. he’s kick out, punch out, lash out at everyone. so i saw it best not to try to help. all of my 3 kuyas received hits from him. punch in the face, on the shoulder, in the stomach. which is all so unfamiliar. he has always been the soft-spoken, silent one. i think i only heard him raise his voice a couple of times only. i really seldom hear him raise his voice.

nowadays, i always greet him when i visit my mom’s house. but he just stares. that blank stare. he doesn’t recognize me anymore. i talk to him sometimes but it’s like talking into thin air. i miss my daddy so much. and the saddest thing? i wasn’t able to treat him out during fathers’ day or during his birthday. he was too sick by the time i could afford it.

every time i hear this song, naco, it brings tears to my eyes talaga.




esp. this one. hay naco.



happy birthday daddy. i miss you.


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like what i said in my previous post. scheduled VL ko yesterday & today. i treated my family to dinner last night somewhere in atc. a few weeks ago, i’ve been contemplating on where to celebrate my birthday. will it be in an asian seafood restaurant or american resto. whenever we’d dine out, i’m always thinking of my mom’s twin sister. she doesn’t like american food. she doesn’t like steaks, burgers, etc. what she loves is pinoy food. sinaing na tulingan, adobo, etc. so i was leaning on the asian seafood restaurant rather than the american resto. she gave me the answer a few days before my birthday. she said she also liked the american resto because the food there was great. so american resto it was. i had reserved for 21 (yes, that’s how many we are!) but my MIL’s having difficulty traveling due to an operation she had about a year and a half ago. so they begged off (we just had lunch delivered at home as my treat for them).

here are most of the gifts i got (ninang & da’s gifts, and monet & jay’s also, i failed to take photos of, sorry…) —-




we started off with some appetizers first while waiting for the others to arrive. da’s family had to wait for the end of color coding before they could leave their condo. monet & jay were coming from makati.


then each one of them ordered what they wanted… here are some of ’em…

burgerkujules and kuya jayvee each had the cheeseburger (which i think is gigantic!)

garlic-chicken-primaveramonet and da each had this garlic chicken pasta primavera (which i liked, but needed a little more salt or cheese, for my taste)

jd-porkchopninang, mark, joan and dino each had the Jack Daniel’s porkchop, which according to mark is good (feels like steak when you slice it. hehe)!


hubby & i shared this sizzling chicken & shrimps (the mashed potatoes were gone before i remembered that i haven’t taken a photo of it yet).

mom had the same. i didn’t get to take photos of what kuya keats, ves, rach, deedee, tito greg and jay had. they were at the end of the table. hehehe. but if i remember it right, i think rach had the mushroom chicken and mushroom something… hahaha. the kids had the kiddie fingers. deedee ordered this after her meal…


i love their oreo madness but since everyone was full and i couldn’t finish one by myself, i didn’t order it anymore (which i really regret, tsk.). after the meal, while we were walking to the parking lot, everyone was asking me how much i spent for the treat. i told them nothing. i got a bonus last month and i told them i’d rather share the blessing with everyone than keep it to myself. i always wanted to eat in that resto with the whole family. usually it’s just some friends i’m with. or with my hubby. it’s a different experience when you go out, eat a lot, with a big family. i think i enjoy the food more. hehe. thanks for everyone for celebrating the night with me. and for all the great gifts you gave. what’s next? we’re waiting where joan, mark and tito greg will treat us. they’re april celebrants too. the lowdown of the night? hubby took out the scale when we got in. i tried and looked too (haven’t weighed for a long time) and here is what it was…

weigh-inthe last time i weighed i was just 96… and now it went up to 102. need to exercise, hubby said. although i’m still underweight. exercise to be fit is what i need, i think. not to lose weight.

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The sun/moon influence offers a slight reprieve from the recent glitches, but while travel plans are fabulously aspected for today, bear in mind that tomorrow may bring a few hiccups directly related to travel. Use the day to undo a negative impression, to volunteer an explanation and to generally make some metaphorical repairs!

Your Compatible Sign today for
Love: Aries

That’s today’s horoscope of an Aquarian. What’s the basic profile of an Aquarian? Here:

Progressive, original, idealist, altruistic, issue-oriented, charismatic, up-to-date, visionary, humanitarian, personable, imaginative, generous, inspiring, practical, congenial, casual, open-minded, amiable, inventive, off-beat, but can be rebellious, eccentric, thoughtlessness, contrarian, childish, aloof, uninvolved, obstinate, antisocial, unconventional, impressionable

Why do I bother? No reason. Natawa lang ako kse talaga namang ang ka-compatible daw for the day (Love) is an Arian. So bale pwede magpalit pala. Depende sa araw? Hehe. Bukod dun, baket pa ako natawa? Kse Arian ako. O eh ano namang koneksyon? Si Mr. Antuken Aquarian. So talagang perfect na kaming dalawa ang compatible today. Kse birthday nya ngayon. So ibig sabihin, di ko dapat painitin ang ulo nya. Pagsilbihan ko sya. Sundin lahat ng kagustuhan nya. Hehehe. It’s not as if umiinit ang ulo nya. Bihira yun. Between the two of us, I’m the more volatile one (duh! aside from the obvious na ako ang babae,  major moody ako). Why did I include the basic personality of an Aquarian in this post? Sobrang natawa ako kse kasama dun yung anti-social. I’ve been telling him since time immemorial that he is anti-social. Sa family gatherings (family ko), tahimik lang yan. Sits in one corner. Dun nga sa monito namin last christmas, his monito had a little hard time trying to describe him (that’s what we did before revealing). Ang sabi, he doesn’t really know him much. Even my friends’ initial opinion of him was tahimik daw. Which they say is perfect kse nasakop ko na raw yung share nya sa kaingayan ko. Hahaha.

Kaya siguro walang saysay o hindi namin sine-celebrate ang Valentine’s Day. Pamula nung naging mag-boypren/gelpren kami hanggang sa ngayong mag-asawa na kami, Feb. 14 is just another day. Kse prior to it, nakapag-selebra na kami.

What do we plan to do today? Ano bang mapa-plano namin? I’ll be getting off work in about a little over an hour. Add an hour to that for me to get home. Shempre, wala akong kwenta. Malamang matutulog lang ako the whole day. He asked me to take the day off. Shempre, dahil start of the year pa lang hinihingan na kami ng VL (vacation leave) planner, na-schedule ko na yun.

Hopefully I won’t be such a sleepyhead today and try to get up early. In time to help him and his mom prepare for tonight’s dinner. He invited a few relatives and a few friends over to have a little celebration. In the 5 years that I’ve known him, this is the first time that he’s celebrating it with other people (aside from his parents & I). I’ve been asking him what he plans to serve (food), and all he keeps telling me is that everything’s been taken care of. So okei, I’ll probably just be decorative later. Hehehe.

Antuks, I wish you wonderful things for 2009. Hopefully, we won’t have any major fights – petty ones are welcome cause making up after’s good. 😀 I wish you good health. May whatever it is that’s been bothering you for a while now be nothing (go see a doctor!). May we have the enthusiasm to work out together (pareho tayong tumataba, hehe). And I wish you’d have the best day today ever! Happy birthday and always know that what I feel for you’ll never wane. Probably it’ll get more intense. hehe. Labyu.


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isang quickie post for my mudra. i already elaborated here how great my mom is. kaya lang, i’m flying off to manila with her twin sister. ang mudra ay humahada ngayon sa ny, kaya kami na lang ni ninang ang magse-celebrate. hehe. happy birthday mom! have fun in ny with mitzi and tito boy. balita ko nag-blow ka na agad ng cake mo sa ngayon. hindi ka naman excited at jan eh sept. 25 pa lang? hahaha.

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i went to raon last saturday. alone. to ask if they have an updated cd for my videoke player. naco, tulad ng nabanggit ko na, mic-hugger ako during videoke nights.

i actually wanted a july wedding last year. kse my mom’s sister was in the country (she lives in LA). at kukunin ko syang ninang. plus another friend of my mom’s was in the country too (she’s from holland naman). eh ninang ko rin sya. kaso hubby’s lola died april last year. so ang plans of getting married in july eh talagang na-erase. bawal daw kse chorlva eklat.

sa frustration ko. i bought a videoke player. sakto kseng ang tito ko (who was from canada) was in town and bought a player. nung bumibili ang tito ko, kinakantyawan na ako bumili. kaso mo ang classic line ko then was: sorry my money’s tied up. alam mo na, ikakasal. pero maganda rin at nainggit ako sa tito ko so sabi ko sa kuya ko, tara, mag-raon tayo. bibilhin ko na yung videoke player.

pagdating ko last saturday, naco, parang na-disorient ako. kse nung nagpunta kami dun last time eh may dalang caroo. this time eh commute ang beauty ko. very easy. take a bus going to buendia/lrt. get off at lrt. take the lrt and get off at carriedo. tapos lakarin going to raon. pagbaba ng quiapo, hala, di ko maalala. tapos ang major factor pa eh i totally forgot the store’s name where i bought my videoke player from. so ikot-ikot muna ako. i was trying to remember the facade nung tindahan na binilhan ko.

nakita ko naman sya after a few minutes of roaming the streets. hahaha. i asked agad kung may bagong cd. tinanong ako kung anong model. patay. di ko tanda. buti na lang tinext ko ang pinsan kong si dada (nasa kanila kse at hiniram nya a couple of weeks ago — videoke everyday ang inaanak kong si tisha). ayun, i showed the saleslady (na sheila nga pala ang name) the text. sabi i need to upgrade my player daw. kse yung mga bagong labas ngayon eh meron nang live feature. di raw magp-play sa aking player. dalhin ko daw dun at ia-upgrade nila. shempre hindi free. sus. eh sabi ko saka na. bumili na lang muna ako ng bagong cd.

i asked kung magkano na lang ngayon ang videoke player. 8500 daw. (hmp. 10k bili ko last year!) pero iba na ang itsura nya. mejo makapal na ang itsura. yung nabili ko kse, parang tipong dvd player lang ang itsura. pag sinumpong ako, bibilhin ko yung amp, para lalong maganda ang boses ko gamit ang videoke player. (and note the words na ginamit ko: lalong maganda —- meaning maganda na sya talaga) hahaha. mangarap.

at ngayon, i can’t wait for saturday to try it. magdamagang kantahan na naman ito. hahaha.

da: wag kalimutan ang videoke player ha. pack it the way i did. videoke player, connectors, remote and songbook in the striped black bag. microphones on the black bag with orange ribbon. wag gayahin si hubby na kinalimutan ang remote nung last time na nag-videoke tayo ha!

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this is a late post. my kuya’s birthday was actually last wednesday pa. we just had dinner at our newly renovated kitchen — sa house namin sa batangas.

i just want to make a post for my kuya.

sa aming magkakapatid, hands down, sa kanya ko ibibigay ang korona ng pagiging generous. dahil ako ay aminadong kuripot, etong kuya ko — total opposite.

san ka nakakita ng kuya na pag-sweldo ang tanong eh: san nyo gustong kumain?at it-treat nya kami wherever we wanted.

o di kaya naman e: tara mag-mall, pag-sho-shopping ko kayo. eto yun, kasama pa mga pinsan ko dun ha.

when he got married, understandably eh shempre, dumalang na ang mga pagaaya nyang lumabas. wala na ang mga spontaneous ayain ng gimik. kse shempre, nagsisimula na sya ng sarili nyang pamilya.

meron na ibang iisipin bukod samin ng mga nanay, tatay at mga kapatid ko pang iba.

i really feel blessed. unang-una, napaka-swerte ko at napaka-understanding, mabait at lenient ng parents ko. pangalawa, kahit wala akong ate, ang mga kuya namang binigay saken eh ubod ng bait (ay, hindi pala lahat. hahaha).


dear kuya keats,

happy birthday! antanda mo na rin ano. wish ko lang for you, magtuloy-tuloy pa ang paglago ng negosyo mo. i’ve always thought naman na magaling kang tao at lahat ng pagsubok na dumaraan sa buhay mo eh kayang-kaya mo. sana’y hindi mo pagsawaan ang pagiging galante mo. salamat sa pagpapagawa ng bagong room ni dad at pagpapa-ayos ng ating kitchen. sayang hindi na ako nakatira sa batangas ngayon. parang masarap na magluto dun ah.

i just want to thank you also for being one of the best kuya in the world. i truly appreciate everything you’ve done for me and everyone in our family. forgive me for the times na truly bratinella ang bunso nyo. sino nga bang sisisihin ko kundi ang sarili ko. hehe. wish ko lang ang asawa ko eh maging katulad mo. katulad nyo ni dad. kaya lang, parang anlaking shoes naman ang ifi-fill ni hubby ano. sya, kahit konting katulad nyo lang.

i always thought you made the best spag/pasta. daig ng spaghetti with sauce made from fresh tomatoes mo ang carbonara at baked mac ni mudra. ewan ko kung alala mo pa yun. antagal tagal na nun e. bata pa ako.

ingatan mo lagi ang kalusugan mo. malimit kse napansin ko, pag hindi ubo eh sipon ang meron ka. bawasan mo ng konti (kahit madami pa) ang paginom mo ng sopdrinks. lumalaki na ang tiyan mo e. hehe. salamat din sa pc na binigay mo saken. na after kong bumili ng router para makapag-internet eh nasira naman ng di oras. at talagang di na ma-revive kse luma na at wala nang parts na mabibili. salamat din sa mga pinamana mong celfone saken. naco, naka-ilan din yun ano? salamat sa pagsundo-sundo mo saken lagi. sa ofis. sa gimik. sa grad ball — na di ko makalimutan, kse pinag-drive mo ako kahit may big gimik kayo ng mga kabatch mo. at sa kung saan saan pa ako nagpasundo sayo. salamat pala sa 1st ever (feeling ko eh sooper expensive) shades na binili mo for me. nakatago pa yun. kahit hindi na uso. hehe.

ayokong pahabain ang post na ito. kaya’t titigilan ko na magisa-isa ng mga bagay na pinasasalamatan ko tungkol sa mga nagawa/naibigay mo. ige-generalize ko na lang. basta salamat sa lahat lahat. nawa’y di ka magsawa na pagtulong saken at sa pamilya natin. at magkita-kita tayo later sa birthday gimik mo. pangungunahan ko na kayo. akin ang videoke player kaya i have the right to hug one mike. akin lang sya the whole night. hehe. hanggang maubos ang boses ko pagkanta.

happy birthday ulet! cheers! (ay, nagpipigil na pala ako uminom. nawa’y malakas ang willpower ko tonight, hehe) and labyu.

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i’m on night shift this week. i started my day cooking breakfast. nothing extravagant. just fried some beef tapa. then watched a few olympics. i told hubby i wanted to watch my sassy girl (the american version). he asked me what it was about and i couldn’t exactly tell him. didn’t wanna spoil the ending. i just told him it’s a romantic-comedy. he couldn’t join me (although, i think he wanted to, cause his crush was starring in it — elisha cuthbert) because of his work so i went and watched alone (i really wanted to see this because i loved the original! one of my all-time faves, actually) 

even if i didn’t understand a word of korean, i still liked the korean version better. I guess Jun Ji-hyun (not sure if I remember her name right) was feistier and funnier than elisha was. plus the lead actor (whose name escapes me right now) in the original version was way funnier than jesse bradford was. there were little comedic scenes in the english version as compared to the original. plus the scenes of jun ji-hyun’s imaginative stories are better in the korean/original version.

i would’ve loved to read the book also. but i don’t know how to read korean. hehe. i wonder if it has an english version too? hmmn.


went out last friday to celebrate my friend’s birthday. it’s been a while since my friends and i went out (the last time i saw redj was during my wedding, and glenn, i think about 2 years ago) and i really had a blast. when da mentioned that we go out to celebrate rhods’ birthday, i was kinda hesitant. i already made plans with my k-batches ruth & bel for a mani-pedi date days ahead. but since it’s been awhile since i’ve seen redj, i told da i’d get hubby’s permission first (he doesn’t want it if i sleep-over in someone else’s house). and when he agreed, and after i texted bel and ruth about rhods’ birthday, i happily told da to push through with the arrangements.

we went to grilla kalayaan (stopped over at national bookstore at powerplant first, and was soooo tempted to buy the latest marian keyes title). and it was way too late (after 2 buckets of sanmig light) when we learned that they were serving what they called “below zero” beer. what’s below zero? well, a bottle of a perfectly ice cold beer’s what it is. i promised hubby i wouldn’t drink that night. but because of their urging, i gave in and had a couple. a few minutes after rhods & i arrived, i remembered that we used to hate the place (service is soooo slow and the waiters are always out of sight! plus we kept on following up our orders!). but redj wanted a bar that was a little secluded (instead of the usual ortigas/makati (greenbelt) joints that we used to frequent) and so the decision to go to grilla.

it was great to see glenn and redj again! plus, glenn was extra generous that night and shouldered the bill ( i guess he was making up for forgetting the biscuits that he promised, hehe).

i guess our table was one of the loudest ones esp. when da was doing her usual funny antics again (which is what we sooo love about her, a gimik with her is definitely not dull).

rhods, da, redj and glenn —- when are we going to do it again? hehe


i got word from the store where i bought my monitor. it seems that the 3-week waiting period would be extended. according to them, samsung told them that they were still awaiting some parts before samsung could fix my monitor. waaahhh. and the worse part? they wouldn’t give a timeline on how long the wait could be. darn.

(p.s. da, nosebleed ito, pinuna mo kse na laging tagalog ang entries ko eh, hehe)

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