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spent the weekend somewhere in ortigas/pasig. christmas get-together ko with friends. we got a discount voucher for a 2-bedroom suite so sabi namin, hotel naman for a change. buti nga mr. antuken could come also. we left home after lunch. then picked-up my cousin and her two angels.

expectedly traffic was terrible. christmas season plus saturday pa.

checked-in. after a few hours another friend arrived. nagutom kami. we wanted mcdo so nagpadeliver. surprisingly, mabilis ang mcdo delivery sa ortigas area. hehe.

around 8pm the last one arrived with her angel too.

we had dinner, then shared a few bottles of beer until the wee hours of the morning. okei, hanggang 4am.

namamahay siguro ako kaya kahit iilang oras pa lang ang tulog, i woke up a little past 9am. naco, breakfast buffet is only until 10. we had free breakfast buffet for 4.

mga 940am na kami nakalabas ng room at dali-dali sanang pupunta sa cafe to have breakfast. haynaco, we waited for about 15 mins (or 20 na ata) for the elevator. hindi na namin inisip gamitin ang stairs. unang-una nasa 32nd floor kami. pangalawa, we had kids with us, mahirap mag-stairs. so dahil sa tagal namin nakababa, we barely made it to the buffet.

at yun nga, iilan na lang ang pagkain. hubby & i availed the buffet. pork adobo at daing na bangus na lang inabutan namin (plus rice shempre). so my friends decided to order ala carte na lang. 1005 they gave their orders. mga 1030 my cousin’s little angel was asking for dede, eh hindi pa sila nakakakain so i volunteered to bring her back to our room.

when we got to the room, i made her dede. i asked her if she wanted to lie in bed, watch tv while taking her dede. no daw. she wanted her mama daw. naco, so no choice ako but to bring her back down.

when i got there, i was expecting them to be eating their breakfast already. ni isa sa mga order nila, wala pa. twice na daw sila nag-follow up. one of my “masungit” friends was getting pissed already. i asked to talk to the manager. before the manager came, the food arrived with a “pasensya na po matagal talaga yung food” from one of the waitresses. not a good line to give to “a little agitated” customers di ba? the waitress even gave us a survey/evaluation form. told her: “dear, i don’t think it’s a good idea, malamang kse hindi maganda ang masasabi namin dyan.” but she still left it with us.

when my cousin’s order came, her egg was scrambled. she specifically asked for sunny-side up, well done na egg. so tinawag ulet si waitress. told her the error. papalitan daw. after a few seconds, she came back. kung okei lang daw ba salmon omelette na lang. my cousin said ok. baka daw maghintay pa ulet sya ng 20 mins para lang sa isang egg.

dumating si manager. we just asked to have an extension in checking-out. told her we spent 20 mins waiting for the elevator and another 40 mins for the food. pumayag naman. we also told her kulang pa yung order ng isa kong friend. parang wala pa yung fruit platter at yung bread platter. we told her too that we wouldn’t have minded if upon ordering we were told that it would take that long to prepare our orders, kaso no advice. all of these were done civilly shempre. kahiya-hiya naman magtatalak sa hotel. plus baka babuyin yung iba pang food. hate ko pa naman nakikipagaway sa food establishments at baka kung ano gawin sa pagkain.

one friend wasn’t happy with her order. the bacon was so “matigas” at hindi crispy. plus her hash browns were overcooked. but the manager has left already. ang nakain lang nya yung scrambled egg. alam nyo naman na pag sa hotel medyo pricey ang menu di ba. so medyo inis sya na she’ll be paying for so much para lang sa isang scrambled egg na nakain nya. gusto ulet magreklamo sa manager.

before we had the chance to call her again (the manager), one guy (na hindi ko actually malaman kung ano ang role nya, kung waiter ba, kse hindi naman sya yung kumuha or nag-serve ng order namin) came to us at eto ang dialogue nya:

guy: ma’am, yung fruit platter po ninyo, either fruit platter or fruit juice po yun. you ordered for the juice.

kami: ah, ok.

guy: actually ma’am yung sinasabi nyo na kulang, sobra pa nga yung naibigay sa inyo e. kse hindi po kasama sa order nyo yung salmon omelette pero binigay po sa inyo at hindi po namin ichinarge.

pinsan ko: hindi namin kasalanan yun kse sunny-side up inorder ko. yan ang pinalit nila. na pumayag na ko para makakain na. antagal kse ng order.

friend 1: tsaka pano ko kakainin tong hash brown na to? sunog o.

guy: pwede nyo naman pong i-take out

me: baket ite-take out pa eh hindi na nga namin makain at sunog e.

may mga iba pang salitang nabitawan, pero hindi ko na maalala. the manager came back to our table. we told her about the guy and told her that he’s making things worse by coming to us. okei na kami e sa matagal, mali at sunog na order. pero nagsalita pa ng kung anu-ano. kumbaga, poor complaint management.

our get-together would’ve been perfect. that breakfast incident totally ruined it. after breakfast, we checked out had lunch somewhere in shang then went home. di ko lang talaga makalimutan yung angas nung lalaki sa cafe. kasuya. hmp.


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i was glad to have two days off from work. i filed for a leave for tomorrow. masayang okasyon. mr. antuken and i have been enduring each other’s quirks and what have yous for two years. it has been our thing (nung mag-boypren gelpren pa lang kami), to spend the day together, road trip somewhere. we really had nothing planned for tomorrow. but i know he wants to watch avatar again, this time, on imax. okay sana di ba.

kaso, early sunday morning, we got one of the worst news ever. although, we knew the day would eventually come, when it does pala, nakakagulat. my sister-in-law has been suffering from diabetes for a long time. she underwent an operation last week and she was about to go out of the hospital last saturday. nagulat ako, early sunday morning kse my cousin called and told me she was gone. we immediately went home to batangas and tried to comfort my brother and their daughter. i think all anniv celebrations will be off for the meantime.

my nephew, who we thought would be okay with another death (my ninong passed away last month) was really devastated. according to my mom, he cried a lot daw. rach even told him that it’s okei, wherever tita ves is, she’s happy. and my nephew blurted out: ‘HOW COULD SHE BE HAPPY? SHE’S DEAD!”

yesterday, he didn’t wanna go/come to the wake. but my kuya and SIL eventually talked him into coming. i sat beside him and was saddened by what he was saying. i can’t exactly remember the words he used. but he said something like: the flowers are great, they’re beautiful, but what they’re for is not.

that coming from a 6-year old. all of us are at a loss and i hope my kuya and their daughter overcome, what i think, is one of their biggest hurdles. friends ask me how kuya and deedee are doing, and i don’t exactly know how to answer them. i’m sooper sure devastated is not enough to describe how they’re feeling.

to ves, may you rest in peace and our prayers are with you always!

and to my antuken, hope you never get tired of me. love you always!

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like what i said in my previous post. scheduled VL ko yesterday & today. i treated my family to dinner last night somewhere in atc. a few weeks ago, i’ve been contemplating on where to celebrate my birthday. will it be in an asian seafood restaurant or american resto. whenever we’d dine out, i’m always thinking of my mom’s twin sister. she doesn’t like american food. she doesn’t like steaks, burgers, etc. what she loves is pinoy food. sinaing na tulingan, adobo, etc. so i was leaning on the asian seafood restaurant rather than the american resto. she gave me the answer a few days before my birthday. she said she also liked the american resto because the food there was great. so american resto it was. i had reserved for 21 (yes, that’s how many we are!) but my MIL’s having difficulty traveling due to an operation she had about a year and a half ago. so they begged off (we just had lunch delivered at home as my treat for them).

here are most of the gifts i got (ninang & da’s gifts, and monet & jay’s also, i failed to take photos of, sorry…) —-




we started off with some appetizers first while waiting for the others to arrive. da’s family had to wait for the end of color coding before they could leave their condo. monet & jay were coming from makati.


then each one of them ordered what they wanted… here are some of ’em…

burgerkujules and kuya jayvee each had the cheeseburger (which i think is gigantic!)

garlic-chicken-primaveramonet and da each had this garlic chicken pasta primavera (which i liked, but needed a little more salt or cheese, for my taste)

jd-porkchopninang, mark, joan and dino each had the Jack Daniel’s porkchop, which according to mark is good (feels like steak when you slice it. hehe)!


hubby & i shared this sizzling chicken & shrimps (the mashed potatoes were gone before i remembered that i haven’t taken a photo of it yet).

mom had the same. i didn’t get to take photos of what kuya keats, ves, rach, deedee, tito greg and jay had. they were at the end of the table. hehehe. but if i remember it right, i think rach had the mushroom chicken and mushroom something… hahaha. the kids had the kiddie fingers. deedee ordered this after her meal…


i love their oreo madness but since everyone was full and i couldn’t finish one by myself, i didn’t order it anymore (which i really regret, tsk.). after the meal, while we were walking to the parking lot, everyone was asking me how much i spent for the treat. i told them nothing. i got a bonus last month and i told them i’d rather share the blessing with everyone than keep it to myself. i always wanted to eat in that resto with the whole family. usually it’s just some friends i’m with. or with my hubby. it’s a different experience when you go out, eat a lot, with a big family. i think i enjoy the food more. hehe. thanks for everyone for celebrating the night with me. and for all the great gifts you gave. what’s next? we’re waiting where joan, mark and tito greg will treat us. they’re april celebrants too. the lowdown of the night? hubby took out the scale when we got in. i tried and looked too (haven’t weighed for a long time) and here is what it was…

weigh-inthe last time i weighed i was just 96… and now it went up to 102. need to exercise, hubby said. although i’m still underweight. exercise to be fit is what i need, i think. not to lose weight.

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cheesy? hahaha. i don’t care. happy anniv skut. much love.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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time flies, they say. and it goes by so fast esp. if you’re doing a lot of things. work has kept me busy lately and posting stuff has been limited. blog visits included.

flashback: jan. 19, 2008 — woke up to a drizzly day. not the kind of weather i hoped for at all. not with something big happening. but the older ones say it’s a sign of blessing. the events were a big blur actually. the photographer & his crew arriving early. me getting dolled & dressed up. going to ninang rose’s house for the photo-op. the drizzle didn’t go away at all. by the time the ceremony was over, it was raining. we didn’t get to shoot as much shots as we wanted. it was night time when the ceremony finished. i should’ve opted for an earlier mass. hugs, kisses and congratulatory greetings. envelops handed to me. photo-op again, this time with the guests. a little dinner, toast, cake cutting, flower throwing, garter tossing, a few speeches and that was it. wanted to spend more time with our guests & relatives, but i was fetched by my “new” hubby’s aunt. it was time to go. before leaving, mom asked when i’d visit them at home. and i was specifically told that i can’t. not in the next four days. good thing we were off to palawan in a couple of days.

return to: jan. 19, 2009 — morning kisses from hubby. he told me that he was off to get the car tank filled up. was still too tired to wake up. woke up at around 9am (yes, i am a majorsleepyhead) – not my usual waking hour. i usually wake up in the wee hours of the morning to get to work. but today, i was on leave. and so was hubby. i did a little laundry after breakfast. took a bath and got dressed. hubby & i planned to spend the day in tagaytay. try to experience how cold it would be out there (the past days were really cold). i was used to having the air-con off after passing through santa rosa. the air’s usually much cooler than the air-conditioning. but the windows of the car are having some problems. so we couldn’t roll them down. initially we wanted to try antonio’s. but my older brother had been there with his wife before, and i’m not so sure if i could appreciate what they serve. it’s a little pricey plus, i’m not much of a fan of veggies. or organically grown stuff. we cruised through tagaytay, trying to pick which place to eat. we ended up choosing gerry’s grill. not your usual place to spend an anniversary, i think. it’s more of a place to dine with your big family or with a group of friends. but i didn’t mind. not at all. first, i wasn’t feeling that good (suffering from the dreaded, all-time dreaded dysmenorrhea), second, i’m not the usual “chocolate-flowers-candle-lit dinner for two” type of wife.

after our lunch (there was a couple who spent their reception at gerry’s too while we were eating, hehe), hubby asked me where i wanted to go next. i had no idea. all i wanted to do then was lie down and ball-up like a fetus. i was having the worst case of dysmenorrhea then. didn’t get to appreciate all that we ordered. mango salad, grilled squid, fresh lumpia, LK (i think it’s hubby’s fave. hehe). i slept in the car and woke up in calaruega. i was feeling a little better because i popped in some painkillers before we left gerry’s. a little tour in the place. a few shots here and there and we were off to batangas. bought a few goodies at good shepherd first before going to mom’s place via the bitukang manok (we call it our short-cut in going home from tagaytay).

we spent a few hours at my mom’s house before heading back home. surprise of the day was i got a bunch of roses, white roses, as i got in the car. i had a small bag that i was going to return to my mom after our tagaytay trip, and hubby told me to put it in the trunk. i told him i could easily throw it in the back seat and when i did, i saw it. he said that when he told me that he was getting the tank filled up, he was lying. he really went to the shop to buy them for me. hmmn. unexpectedly sweet of him. but, like i said, i’m not that kind of wife. so it was no biggie. after a really non-eventful day, we both spent a few hours talking in bed first before going to sleep. i asked him what he wanted for his anniv gift and he told me he didn’t really want anything yet. he asked me what i wanted and i told him to just save up, not give me any gift for our coming anniversaries, cause what i wanted, still want, is a little expensive. i want some jewelry. diamonds are a girl’s best friend. hehehe.

here are a few photos. my feeling lousy wasn’t evident at all. hehehe.





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a quick christmas greeting to everyone!

just had christmas breakfast with my in-laws (after the christmas mass). hope everyone’s going to have a wonderful and blessed christmas today! can’t wait for my nephews, nieces and godchildren para mamigay ng mga gifts nila (i love giving gifts to kids!).

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sa nanay kong nagliliwaliw sa amerika ngayon at sa tatay kong hindi na makaalis ng bahay dahil kinain na ng mapait na alzheimer’s ang utak…

happy 40th wedding anniversary!

mantakin mo nga namang 40 years na kayo ano? when i was a kid, i always said to myself that when i grow up, i want a marriage just like yours, mom & dad.

a dad that is so quiet, and so giving, and so cool.

and a mom that is so good at handling money (hahaha, tama ba ito ma? eh galit ka nga sa pera eh), the best cook in the world and had the nastiest belt that i’d always tasted (oo na, bad girl ako nung bata, actually hanggang ngayon ata).

dream ko yung set-up nyo. na lahat ng sweldo ni dad ikaw ang nagha-handle mom. andami na ng mga negosyong pinasok nyong mag-asawa. ang pinakanatatandaan ko na nasimulan nyo (dahil siguro dito na ako may malay) eh yung piggery/poulty natin. tapos nag-canteen pa kayo sa isang textile factory. tapos nag-garments. tapos nag-ice plant. ano pa ba ang sumunod dun? hehe, wala na pala. mga sideline sideline na lang.

sino nga ba ang disciplinarian sa inyong dalawa? basta ang alala ko, andaming belt at palo ng tsinelas ang inabot ko from you mom. kay dad, iilan lang. pero grabe, latay talaga. pasensya na kayo kung talaga namang brattinella ang bunso nyo.

but i truly owe everything i am to you. how you brought me up. how you instilled the values and principles you thought i should have. i remember, when i was working as a temp at unilab, one of the senior operators there called me aside and told me that he really liked me (not in a romantic way of course). he kept asking if i had a boyfriend cause he said he wanted to find me one. kse daw i was so grounded. and sobrang galing makisama. hindi raw ako namimili. nakikisama ako sa mga managers, sa mga operators tulad nila at sa mga temp din tulad ko. at ang nasabi ko sa kanya, that was how you raised me.

you both were so giving and so lenient. i hated it when you sent me to pisay then. kse i thought, hinihiwalay nyo ako sa mga friends ko (nung elementary). you kept saying that it was the best school for me. that i wouldn’t have a hard time in college if i graduated from there. i wouldn’t have thought na masaya pala dun. i learned to stand up for what i believed in pagdating ko dun. at natutunan ko na hindi lahat ng bawal ay masama. at hindi lahat ng tama ay maganda. nagkaron ata ako ng sungay dun. probably cause i wasn’t living with you. plus i really got to interact with people from different parts of the country.

i thank you for letting me explore even at an early age. i never had a hard time getting permission for going out. to cabanatuan, when i was a hs freshie. to anywhere actually. kaya siguro ngayon, parang napakalaking adjustment saken na kelangan kong humingi lagi ng permiso sa asawa ko if i wanted to go out. sa inyo kse, walang curfew curfew. as long as you both know where i was going, who i’m going out with, and how i will get home were enough for you.

alala ko pa, nung kolehiyo pa lang ako, natuto nang mag-inom. inimbitahan ko ang mga kaibigan ko sa bahay natin. at ang kapal pa ng mukha ko kse tumawag ako sa yo ma, at sinabing ipagluto mo kami ng pwede naming pulutan. at pagdating namin, aba andami mong inihanda. where in the world could you find a mom as cool as you? na sobrang benya galore ka naman sa mga friends ko. na sa sobrang benya, i kept on wishing that you would go to bed already. baket kamo? eh kse di ako maka-yosi. hahaha.

thank you dad, kse lagi mong sinusundo yung labada ko nung college tuwing friday ng umaga. para pag uuwi ako eh wala na akong bitbit. isipin mong kalimitan ng mga friday ng umagang yun eh wala pa akong tulog galing sa gimik ng thursday night? straight from a gimik, eh kelangan ko nang umuwi ng dorm para ilabas ang big bag ko ng labada.

parang hindi ko kayo nakikitang nag-aaway. mom has a very strong personality at laging tahimik ka lang dad. pero ano ka, pag humirit ka naman, tahimik din ang misis mo di ba? ganyan ata kami ng asawa ko. palagay ko sobrang strong din ng personalidad ko kumpara sa kanya. pero nakahanap ata ako ng katapat ko. sintigas ng bato rin ata ang ulo nya tulad ko. haha.

i used to love it pag inaasar naming magkakapatid si mom. kse feeling ko, hindi nya natumbasan ang sense of humor mo dad.

and i thank you dad for always reminding us that family comes first. alala mo when i was in hs and i had no ride for my prom (o grad ball ba yun?)? you told kuya keats to drive me to i forgot na where we had it. somewhere in qc rin ata. and kuya refused kse may lakad na sya with his brods. anong sinabi mo? unahin mo ang pamilya. may nagawa ba ang kuya ko? shempre, ano pa eh di ihatid ako.

dream ko ata talaga how you guys were to me and my brothers. yung mapagbigay. masayahin. sobrang parang kaibigan lang. pero alam ang linya kung kelan mom & dad naman dapat ang trato namin. even if you haven’t given us the best that money could buy (kse hindi naman marami ang pera natin), you’ve given us the best that you could.

nakakailan na ba kami ni antuken ko? almost 7 months pa lang.compared to your 40 years, susko, andami pa naming bigas na kakainin. and i’m sure you’ll be there to guide me too.

nawa’y umabot kayo sa golden anniversary nyo (kami rin ni antuken ko, hehe)!!!

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