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i attended a double birthday celebration yesterday. double because one of my inaanak, sophia, is turning 4 on the 29th and her younger brother, akiro, turned 1 yesterday.

sa totoo lang, masakit sa tenga pala umattend ng children’s party. ang iingay nila.

one of the games the clowns played was the “name the commercial” game. dito, kakantahin nila yung jingle ng patalastas/commercial at tatawagin nila ang bata na unang nagtaas ng kamay para sagutin kung ano nga ang commercial na yun. bawal daw isigaw ang sagot.

so kinanta nila yung “bulilit, bulilit”. di naman ako mashadong nanonood ng tv, pero nacu-cute-an ako sa unang commercial ng camella homes, so tinawag nila ang isang batang lalaki

clown: ilang taon ka na?

kid boy: 5

clown: ano gusto mo paglaki?

kid boy: pulis!

clown: ano ba ginagawa ng pulis?

kid boy: NATUTULOG!

(laughter all around shempre)

clown: hindi, naghuhuli sila ng masasamang?

kid boy: MUKHA!

clown: masasamang tao, o sya sige ang commercial na kinanta ko, tahimik dito, mahangin, nagsisimula sa letter C…

kid boy: CEMENTERYO!

clown: hindi, tahimik nga dun, pero hindi sementeryo, o sige, nagsisimula ito sa CA..

kid boy: KABAYO!

clown: hindi, ulitin mo lang yung binulong sa ‘yo ni ate kanina, ano yung binulong nya?

kid boy: camella

clown: sige, camella homes. o eto ang prize mo. ano’ng sasabihin mo sa birthday celebrants? happy?

kid boy: NEW YEAR!

clown: happy birthday! kaano-ano mo yung celebrants?

kid boy: TROPA!


hahaha, major kwela. eto pa isa… yung next naman kinanta nya yung jingle ng nescafe. tinawag ang isa sa mga celebrants, si ate:

clown: ate ikaw ano gusto mo paglaki mo?

sophia: doctor!

clown: ah, maganda yan. doctor ba ng tao o ng hayop?

sophia: NG BUS!

(hahaha. conductor pala?)

clown: si ate naman, o sige na nga. yung kinanta ko, ano’ng commercial yun? gusto yun inumin ng mga lolo at mga daddy sa umaga, pampainit ng tiyan.

sophia: ALAK!

clown: ate naman, hindi alak, nes?

sophia: NESCAFE!

clown: tama nescafe tapos c? anong c yun?

sophia: CALAMANSI!


punta na sa 3rd na bata.

clown: ilang taon ka na?

kid girl: tatlo

clown: ano gusto mo paglaki?

kid girl: teacher

clown: ano ba ginagawa ng teacher sa school?

kid girl: nagtitinda!

tapos madami pang palitan ng sagot ang dalawa, at ang ending…

clown: kaano-ano mo ba ang celebrants?

kid girl: syota.


hahaha. sobrang riot talaga ang birthday party na to. noon lang din kse ako nakapanood ng game na ganun. at nakakaaliw pala pag mga bata ang nasagot. hahaha.


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one afternoon, after work, tumambay muna ako sa bahay ng officemate/friend ko while waiting for mr. antuken to pick me up…

sophie (my 3-yr old inaanak): kumusta naman ang sugat mo ninang?

antuken: okei naman. papunta na sa pag-galing.

sophie: dapat kse pinapadoctor mo yan.

—- shempre may sinabi pa ako after that, hahayaan ko ba namang isang bata lang ang may last say sa usapang yan. pero puputulin ko na dyan kse nagulat talaga ako sa kanya. pag kinakausap mo sya parang isang grown-up na na-trap sa katawan ng isang 3-yr old girl talaga ang kausap mo.

got this naman from my cousin yesterday…

dada: hindi ka na pwede mag-milk pag nasa school.

sofie (my 3 yr old niece): no! i’ll tell my teacher i want to eat.


dada: you have to do the things the teacher tells you to do, otherwise the teacher will get mad at you.

sofie: no! i’ll fight with my teacher!


i was rummaging thru my cousin’s pile of clothes that she was tagging for a garage sale…

sofie: tita chona, don’t touch that! that’s not yours!


territorial much? hahaha. minsan ngang nag-sleep over kami sa kanila ng walang ka-plano plano, nanghiram ako ng pantulog sa nanay nya shempre. sinabihan ba naman ako na : that’s not yours. that’s mommy’s. hahaha. told her hinihiram ko lang and she replied with: OK.

haay. napapaisip tuloy ako, kelan dadating yung mini-me ko. hope it’ll be given to us soon. tagal ko na naghi-hintay. hehe.

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my mom arrived last sunday from the states. after 6 months of gallivanting in the different states of the u.s. of a. she finally came home. (hahaha, it wasn’t exactly gallivanting, exaj ko na yun) i think she finally missed us. 🙂

as early as 4am of dec 7, i was awake already. her flight was arriving at 545 and my brother told me that they were leaving the house at 430am. they were picking us up on the way to the airport (which didn’t happen. they left a little before 5am, i think). we got to the airport at around 530 (surprisingly, no traffic in slex) and when we called her she said her flight was early. that she got there around 5am, and that she was still waiting for her luggage.

me sandwiched between my mom's twin sister and my mom

me sandwiched between my mom's twin sister and my mom

we had breakfast at pancake house, petron-slex and got home before the manny-dela hoya game started (not the main event ha).

of course, all of us were excited to open her luggage (2 big maletas plus 1 big box) and see what pasalubongs she had for us. (not including the 2 balikbayan boxes that arrived before she did and she specifically told us not to open until she’s there to do it) my nephew yohan (who’s 5) was funny when he immediately asked her “mama” where his pasalubongs were. that was the first thing that my mom took out. she searched through her bags and looked for yohan’s toy first. when he got it, of course, he was so happy.

so one by one, we went through all the bags and all the boxes. and yohan squeezed through all of us, went near my mom and asked her: ” is there anything more for me there mama?” hahaha. i told him: “we’ll call you if you have anything more, go.” but he stayed in one corner and we all laughed again when, after a few minutes, he shouted: “there, that’s for me! i can see my name!”

i was amazed and asked my brother (his dad) unbelievably: “he could read already???” and my kuya replied that yohan knows how to read his name already. it was fun trying to fight off for the pasalubongs with my cousins. hehe. mom was talking non-stop since she got on the van until we left that night, after dinner, telling us all about the different experiences that she had. when we went there again last night, the stories haven’t ended. hahaha.

here are the goodies that i got…

dress, blouses, jackets, pants, etc.

dress, blouses, jackets, pants, etc.

towels, bracelet, socks, bag holder, digital picture keychain, so pink body mist (my #1 bilin), mittens, kitchen stuff

towels, bracelet, socks, bag holder, digital picture keychain, so pink body mist (my #1 bilin), mittens, kitchen stuff

and of course i want to thank all our relatives in the states for all these goodies: patrick and mylynn for my number 1 bilin — so pink body mist from gap (can’t find one here), kuya lester and ate rachelle for the chocolate, my ninang chona for some of the clothes. and to my cuz’s gf, hazel for the bluegreen blouse and the black sando with matching bottom. and of course to my very wonderful and very generous mom who bought most of what’s in the pictures. we were actually asking kirby (my cousin) for the digital picture keychain

digital picture keychain

digital picture keychain

while chatting with him last week, he showed us this item, which wasn’t really what he was showing us, but samples of the digital frames that his mom was asking for. we begged him to buy one for us (one for his sister monet and one for me) but it showed that the item had no stock available online and that it wasn’t sold in the stores. he just laughed at us but i was so happy to see it in one of my mom’s luggage. we actually thought kirby bought it for us, but mom said she did. sooper thanks mom!

this is also one of the fine stuff that mom brought me…

bag holder

bag holder

a handy bag holder. girls woud love this. i actually heard that this is available in one of the stalls in greenhills, but since i had no time to go there and shop for one, it was a good thing that mom brought some of these. you just put this on the table and it sort of works like a hook that could hold your bag (esp. when you’re out in a restaurant, etc.). hubby and i’d also like to thank tita marirose and her family for their belated wedding gift ($$). we don’t mind at all that it’s late.

aside from these stuff that mom brought, she said there are still boxes that’ll be arriving, hopefully before christmas, containing the bags that we are waiting for (still from our relatives). i asked mom to hold the opening of those boxes when i’m around. hehe.

before these frenzy, i actually got some stuff from my hubby’s aunt, who also sent a balikbayan box in time for christmas. she’s actually one of our ninangs during our wedding. she sent me these…

stuff from ninang yolly

stuff from ninang yolly

i actually got more than my hubby. hehehe. to ninang yol, thanks so much for the early christmas goodies that you sent! see you next april?

what can i say? santa came a few weeks early at our house. hehehe. aren’t you just envious of me??? hahaha.

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my nieces sofie & tish spent last weekend in batangas. same thing with me. my hubby had work that weekend & i decided to spend the weekend at home too.

i was playing with my cousin nina’s psp when da told us what her little princess told her brother kirby (they were talking to him online, through YM)… if i remember it right it went something like this…

kirby: sabihin mo sa mommy mo, bumili na kayo ng sarili nyong kotse

tisha: eh, kung plantsa nga hindi kami makabili, kotse pa kaya!

(hahaha. da’s family just moved into their new condo, and they still haven’t bought their own flat iron. they used to live with her in-laws)


my mom’s twin sister whom we all call ninang was having a chat with our yaya, all of a sudden my niece/godchild blurted out… CHISMISAN NA!

we all had a good laugh after she said that. kids!


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kids say the darnedest things #3

my nephew visited us again this afternoon. he was his usual bubbly & energetic self. our neighbor was building an extension to their house and i showed it to him

me: look yohan, they’re building a house.
yohan: where? how can you say they’re building a house.
me: you see that man on top? he’s putting on the roof.
yohan: let’s go there.
me: we can’t.
yohan: why?
me: cos it’s dangerous. the roof might fall on us

he kept on insisting that we go nearer the construction. and i was steadfast in telling him that we can’t. and i left him talking to my cousins. after a while he called me.

yohan: ninang chona, come. i have to show you somethin’.

so i went with him. he stood just outside our house. he pointed at the ceiling.

yohan: you should fix your roof. it might fall on me.

i laughed so hard. he was actually talking about our ceiling, which is almost coming off (our house is old and in bad need of repairs). i told him to tell his mama (that’s what he calls my mom)  about it. and he actually did. he pulled my mom and told her the same thing. hahaha.

my uncle’s family were also here for lunch. we can’t stop but be amazed at my nephew. he’s so talkative. we talk to yohan in english cos that’s what he’s used to.

tito boy: totoy, baket ga ika’y ingles ng ingles. baka ika’y mapagkamalang mayaman. ika’y ma-kidnap.
yohan: i’m a good boy. they only kidnap bad boys.

hahaha. he understands tagalog but speaks in english.

tita myrna: you know yohan, he drives an airplane (referring to tito boy who’s a pilot)
yohan: oooh, he’s a pilot (clapping his hands gleefully)! he’s going to bring me to the states! that’s where we could buy lego.

i learned from his mom, rach, that once when yohan wanted one set of legos (apart from what she just bought him), she told him that it’s wasn’t available locally and can only be found in the states, hence the comment of wanting to go to the states. hahaha.


one of my fave pics of yohan, taken during our lolo’s bday.

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kids say the darnedest things #2

i love weekends. most of the time, my nephew and nieces go to our house during weekends and i love playing with them. i love hearing them talk. saying anything. here’s part of what happened last saturday…

mama (nanay ko): yohan, we bought something for you yesterday. we bought you a mask.

yohan (my kuya’s son): oh, i have a scary mask to scare you mama.

fast forward… we got the masks and showed them to the kids…

yohan: oh, i don’t like that one (pointing to the 1st pack). that has hair. that’s for girls!

so he took the next mask. put it on…

aunts/uncles (pinsan ko): ooohh, we’re scared. (shempre, pretending lang ano)

yohan: it’s just me! it’s just a mask! hahaha.

but when tisha came up to him (wearing her own mask), he started to slowly walk away until eventually he ran to his dad and held on to him tightly. (akala ko ba: it’s just me! it’s just a mask! hahaha)

i didn’t really see what happened next. but according to my mom, they continued playing with the masks. until one of my cousins wore the mask and tried to scare him. for the 1st time in yohan’s history (i think), he was the first one to ask to go home. whenever they would visit us and it was time to go home, he’d cry and refuse to go home.

before going home, he needed to tidy himself. my kuya removed yohan’s sneakers…

uncle: oh, your feet smells like chicken manure (kidding yohan).

yohan: leave me alone. stop embarrassing me!

really. to think he’s only four. i am amazed, most of the time, at what my kids say (my nephew and nieces. wala pa ko sariling akin eh).

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kids say the darnedest things

i love having kids around. they say whatever they want to say. here are some that i found really amusing. (these actually really happened…)
my cousin da and her daughter tish were both in baguio. there, they rode a cab and out of the blue…
tish (seeing all the cabs): mommy, sa pilipinas ba may taxi rin?
da: heh, tumigil ka nga, nasa pilipinas pa tayo

tish probably thought that because they were wearing winter clothes, they were in the u.s. haha

when a couple and their 2 kids went to the mall, they got out and discovered that their youngest was carrying something…
mommy: hala, may nabitbit pala itong si bunso, hindi ito nabayaran
daddy: hayaan mo na, di na naman pansin

nga naman kse, wala ka talagang maitatago sa mga bata

my cousin and her then kid sister (who was probably 5 or six yrs. old, high school na sya ngayon) were at ATC, window shopping. after some time the kid sister probably got tired…
kid sister: ate, uwi na tayo
ate: sandali lang, may titingnan pa ako
so, window shopped pa…
kid sister: ate, uwi na nga tayo
ate: hindi pa nga ako tapos
kid sister: eh ate, gusto ko na ngang umuwi
ate:o yan ang susi, umuna ka na (sabay abot ng susi ng kotse)
kid sister (kuha ng susi sabay sabi): eh pano ka?

o di ba, feeling nya kaya nya mag-drive ng kotse. pero at least, concerned kung pano uuwi ang ate nya. hahaha.

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