masakit sa dibdib

nakakapagod manood ng game 7 kanina. i was rooting for the celtics. too bad they lost. haay.

went home to batangas to watch the game. nahihiya kse ako sa MIL ko at sobrang hyper ako manood ng basketball game e. hehe. para hindi limited ang pagtili ko, umuwi ako sa bahay ng nanay ko.

kaso, pag napapasigaw ako ng konti, si yaya sinisitsitan ako. wag daw ako maingay mashado at baka mabulahaw ang daddy ko.

so, lipad ako papunta sa bahay ng kuya ko. yun, free to jump, free to scream, free to do whatever i wanted. hahaha.

the game was going so well. after every quarter, ina-update ko pa si mr. antuken with the end-of-quarter scores. the first 3 quarters were great. baket pag dating sa final, semplang? hahaha.

the game was great. even the ym exchanges with my girl cousins were fun too (both were lakers fans). masakit sa dibdib nangyari dun sa game na yun. close fight kse. tsk tsk. sana next season sila ulet magharap-harap para fun ulet. hehe.


one afternoon, after work, tumambay muna ako sa bahay ng officemate/friend ko while waiting for mr. antuken to pick me up…

sophie (my 3-yr old inaanak): kumusta naman ang sugat mo ninang?

antuken: okei naman. papunta na sa pag-galing.

sophie: dapat kse pinapadoctor mo yan.

—- shempre may sinabi pa ako after that, hahayaan ko ba namang isang bata lang ang may last say sa usapang yan. pero puputulin ko na dyan kse nagulat talaga ako sa kanya. pag kinakausap mo sya parang isang grown-up na na-trap sa katawan ng isang 3-yr old girl talaga ang kausap mo.

got this naman from my cousin yesterday…

dada: hindi ka na pwede mag-milk pag nasa school.

sofie (my 3 yr old niece): no! i’ll tell my teacher i want to eat.


dada: you have to do the things the teacher tells you to do, otherwise the teacher will get mad at you.

sofie: no! i’ll fight with my teacher!


i was rummaging thru my cousin’s pile of clothes that she was tagging for a garage sale…

sofie: tita chona, don’t touch that! that’s not yours!


territorial much? hahaha. minsan ngang nag-sleep over kami sa kanila ng walang ka-plano plano, nanghiram ako ng pantulog sa nanay nya shempre. sinabihan ba naman ako na : that’s not yours. that’s mommy’s. hahaha. told her hinihiram ko lang and she replied with: OK.

haay. napapaisip tuloy ako, kelan dadating yung mini-me ko. hope it’ll be given to us soon. tagal ko na naghi-hintay. hehe.

labor day

gusto ko lang alalahanin… back in college, meron kaming running joke ng mga naging kaibigan ko sa engineering… april 9 was a holiday (it always is) and one friend asked:

baket nga ba holiday ang april 9???

one answered, mayabang pa ha..


ahahaha. comedy.

i’ll be enjoying the long weekend. just bumming around the house today. tomorrow, i’ll go out with friends i haven’t seen in a while. and monday, bumming around again. dream ko lang yan. still have work to finish. pero dahil natural crammer ako, i’ll probably finish/do it on monday. hahaha.


haven’t had the inspiration to post anything for the last couple of months. life has been a little stressful and i’d rather sleep than think up of anything to write. but what have i been busy with these last couple of months. mostly, work. i’m having trouble walking too what with my medical problem with my left foot. so i haven’t been able to wear shoes for the last couple of months. it’s always open sandals.

i’ve spent quite a lot on meds too. but it’s okei, as long as i can wear shoes and walk straight again. haha. haven’t been able to go to malls for quite some time now (okei, that’s a bit of a lie). well, since one of the clinics of my doctor is in a mall, that statement was not entirely true. hehe.

it’s so frustrating that i can’t eat many of the food that i love to eat because of this foot problem. no chicken, no eggs, no shrimp. no crabs. anything “malansa” isn’t good for me. even canned goods isn’t allowed. sometimes i’m soooo tempted to try. but i just think about trying to walk straight again and the urge disappears.

a friend from the office calls me darna. haha. and i thought she thought i was sexy like marian rivera. hahaha. feeling. i asked her why she calls me that and she said cause i walk like i had a limp. just like darna. hahaha.

my doctor advised me to not to stand or walk for long periods of time. but my job requires me to do those. so i wrote to my boss a month ago and asked him that i won’t be able to complete the work standard that he set for us (daily). i dunno what they discussed but two weeks ago, i started training, trying to learn how to be part of the supply chain, instead of production where i’m really in.

this work doesn’t require me to do walk-arounds, or stay on my foot for long periods of time. i spend most of my days in front of my pc. the last two weeks saw me trying to learn how to make the production schedule. at least with this new training (which i’m to undergo for about 3 months), my weekends are free! yey!

tonight i’m going out with the other supervisors and the new team leaders. too bad, i couldn’t drink. i promised hubby i’ll waive my drinking privileges until my foot heals. hehe.

hopefully, i can get to update this blog more frequently. lately, i can’t seem to get the urge to write anything. i spend more time visiting the blogs of friends than i do on my own. hehe.

tomorrow is palm sunday. start of the holy week. and for the nth time my birthday falls on a good friday. bummer. although some friends say it’s good for i don’t have to spend anything to celebrate. abstain for this year. haha. but then again, i love celebrating my birthday. not sure yet when i’ll do that. but for sure there’ll be a little celebration here at home on the 5th for it’s the town fiesta. feast day of st. vincent ferrer.

good and sad news

i was glad to have two days off from work. i filed for a leave for tomorrow. masayang okasyon. mr. antuken and i have been enduring each other’s quirks and what have yous for two years. it has been our thing (nung mag-boypren gelpren pa lang kami), to spend the day together, road trip somewhere. we really had nothing planned for tomorrow. but i know he wants to watch avatar again, this time, on imax. okay sana di ba.

kaso, early sunday morning, we got one of the worst news ever. although, we knew the day would eventually come, when it does pala, nakakagulat. my sister-in-law has been suffering from diabetes for a long time. she underwent an operation last week and she was about to go out of the hospital last saturday. nagulat ako, early sunday morning kse my cousin called and told me she was gone. we immediately went home to batangas and tried to comfort my brother and their daughter. i think all anniv celebrations will be off for the meantime.

my nephew, who we thought would be okay with another death (my ninong passed away last month) was really devastated. according to my mom, he cried a lot daw. rach even told him that it’s okei, wherever tita ves is, she’s happy. and my nephew blurted out: ‘HOW COULD SHE BE HAPPY? SHE’S DEAD!”

yesterday, he didn’t wanna go/come to the wake. but my kuya and SIL eventually talked him into coming. i sat beside him and was saddened by what he was saying. i can’t exactly remember the words he used. but he said something like: the flowers are great, they’re beautiful, but what they’re for is not.

that coming from a 6-year old. all of us are at a loss and i hope my kuya and their daughter overcome, what i think, is one of their biggest hurdles. friends ask me how kuya and deedee are doing, and i don’t exactly know how to answer them. i’m sooper sure devastated is not enough to describe how they’re feeling.

to ves, may you rest in peace and our prayers are with you always!

and to my antuken, hope you never get tired of me. love you always!


another year’s ending and a new one will start in a few hours. hopefully 2010 will be better for all of us. i’m wishing that in 2010, i’ll have more time for myself. i’m wishing for a baby. and i’m wishing that my foot will get better.

2009 has been a busy year for me. nawala ang time ko to blog, to visit blogs i love reading (although quite a number of the blogs i go to doesn’t have that much updates either — busy rin kaya sila?), and to go out with blogging friends. my five-day workweek became a six-day one. and at a number of times i work 7 days a week. was it worth it? obviously not. mas yumaman ba ako working those ungodly hours? definitely not. pareho lang ang bayad ko when i work 5 days a week and 6 or 7 days a week.

i wanna look forward to lousy days on the beach. walang cellphone to disturb you in any time of the day. mahiga lang sa beach, magbasa ng libro, have a couple of bottles of sooper ice cold beer and have some smokes. i wish i could have that sa 2nd anniversary namin ni mr. antuken. kaso, ngayon pa lang, alam kong hopeless wish. i don’t think my boss would allow me to go on a break knowing that on those dates, we probably have an audit by TUV.

is it right to wanna retire as early as 33? i didn’t have this feeling last year. baket ngayon biglang parang i’m sooo tired. christmas break? holidays? ano yun?

i went out with my long-time friends a few weeks ago. late ako sa napag-usapang oras. tapos, i had to retire earlier than them, kse i was too sleepy (woke up real early to get to work e). sadly i also had to wake up early the next  day, kse may work pa rin. the catching up i was hoping for didn’t happen much.

christmas night was a good time to have a few beers with my cousins sana. or play poker. kaso, wala rin. had to work the next day. eto ba ang work na gusto ko? i think i’m too old to go and look for another job. tomorrow will be another year. hopefully when 2009 goes away, it takes away these feelings i’m having lately with it.


just a few more weeks to go, pasko na naman. miss ko na mag-mall. or makipagsiksikan sa divi. usually, mga ganitong panahon, ganun ang ginagawa namin. mamimili na ng mga pang-regalo sa mga inaanak. sa mga kapatid, magulang, tito, tita, pinsan…

kaso, i’m semi-injured. due to some stupidity on my part, meron ako major sugat sa paa. making it difficult for me to walk straight. kaya naman pinagkaka-intay ko ang nov. 26. it was actually on its way to recovery (the sugat). kaso, dahil sobrang naaliw at meron akong 2-day restday last weekend, sumama ako kay mudra. together with her friends. nag-treat kse yung kaibigan nya. lunch daw. so sabi ko, okei lang. lunch lang naman. walang mashadong effort yun on my part.

kaso, after the lunch, nagkayayaan silang mag-sm. so dumaan pa kami ng sm. i didn’t do much walking then (or so i thought). andun lang ako sa shoes section most of the time. after a while, napagod na rin ako and called my mom and asked her kung uuwi na ba kami.

sabi nya, pwede na daw. magkakasama na daw sila. yung mga friends ng nanay ko, 7 silang lahat. plus ako, plus yung son ng friend ni mudra. so kumbaga, 7 senior citizens plus 2 kids (naks, ipilit daw na kid ako!). when i got to the van, guess kung sino andun? yung anak din ng tito (read: mom’s friend) ko. ang mga SC (senior citizens), andun pa sa loob ng mall.

i commented to raymond nga (my tito’s son): you’d think madaling mapapagod ang mga kasama natin no? (malakas pa ata sa kalabaw ang mga kasama namin e. hehe) he couldn’t say anything but agree with what i thought. hahaha.

paguwi, dun ko na-realize, na yung sugat ko, mukhang na-refresh ulet. yan kse, talipandas sa katawan.

kaya sa mga inaanak ko na di ko mabibigyan ng gifts this christmas, sorry na. bawi ako next time. di mashado makapag-mall ang ninang e. (although, july pa lang, nag-start na ko ng christmas shopping ko, hehehe)