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Thank you to Rachel for tagging me with this meme.

Three things that scare me
1. Lizards
2. Growing old alone
3. Creepy looking people that turn out to be thugs (robbers/snatchers)

Three people who make me laugh
1. My lovey, Norman
2. My batchmates in Ferrous Rosas (okei, they are more than 3 already)
3. My inaanaks (godchildren), Tisha and Yohan

Three things I love
1. Dining out either with my family or friends
2. Watching movies
3. Back rubs

Three things I hate
1. I agree with Rach — People who profit from swindling innocent people.
2. Any food with liver (except for liver pate)
3. When my boyfriend doesn’t answer his phone whenever I call him

Three things I don’t understand
1. Why abused women still stay with their husbands/boyfriends
2. Why men aren’t contented with just one woman
3. Other people bring other people down

Three things on my desk
1. Batch documents
2. My personal kit (containing pens, post-its, pencil, high lighters, cutter, a pair of scissors)
3. Overtime authorization of my subordinates
(Obviously I’m doing this at the office — sorry boss!)

Three things I am doing right now
1. Answering this meme.
2. Taking a break from reviewing batch documents.
3. Reprimanding one of my crew from getting a pen from my kit without my permission

Three things I want to do before I die
1. Have kids.
2. Treat my whole family to a trip out of town/country.
3. Learn how to be a good dancer

Three things I can do
1. Watch a movie alone (in a cinema)
2. Compute (in my mind) how much I’m going to pay for when I’m in the grocery (or any other shop, for that matter)
3. Get sleep/Nap easily

Three things I can’t do
1. Please everybody
2. Forgive easily — I need time to forgive anyone who’s disappointed/erred me
3. Sleep without a blanket

Three things I think you should listen to
1. Your gut/instict
2. 40s/50s/60s music
3. Your parents

Three things you should never listen to
1. What other people say —- if you always think about what other people will say whenever you do anything, you won’t end up happy
2. 2nd hand gossip about you or any of your friends or family — get it from the source
3. Someone else’s conversation

Three shows I watched as a kid
1. Voltes V
2. Saturday Fun Machine — lots of cartoons on Saturday mornings
3. Sesame Street — who doesn’t?

I’m not tagging anyone — don’t know much yet in the blogosphere


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die hard 4.0

the weekend flew by again… spent saturday lazing around the house and watching dvds (again!)… sunday — spent it with my family – my 2 big brothers — kujules and kuya jayvee, my mom and i all went to sm lipa city and watched die hard 4.0… when i invited kuya jayvee to join us, he didn’t wanna go with us at first, he was saying that i was just wasting my money in bringing him along (he can’t see)… but i told him: he watches tv (listens to it, actually) so it’s just like that but in a bigger venue and louder sound… so after lunch, all four of us went… (my older brother – keats, was out of town, and my dad… sad to say, he couldn’t go to the movies anymore)

the movie, as expected, was action packed… i just hope the other moviegoers weren’t bothered with me, telling my disabled brother, what was happening on the big screen (although i wasn’t doing it the whole time)…

after the movie, we went to the supermarket and bought some stuff then had dinner at H cafe… the food was great… what a nice ending to a nice day!

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my immediate boss isn’t around today, she’s down with fever that’s why i’m manning the “ship”… earlier today our plant manager came by my station and asked me how my weekend went… i told him and then after a while he left… at around 10am though, he came back and asked me if i wanted to eat out (we only have a 30-minute lunchbreak so we almost never eat out during lunch hour—make that lunch half hour— hehe) — i immediately asked if it was on him and he said yes… so i said i’d love to go with him (and my other officemates)…

we ate at north park – canlubang — about 5 mins away from my office… but the funny thing was… everything we wanted to order they were saying: “i’m sorry but it’s not available”… grant (that’s my aussie plant manager) was saying we should ask the manager what their mission statement was (haha)… and that we should demand for free dessert!

there were 10 of us there and we really had a sumptious meal… wish i’d taken photos though… one officemate even commented that it was the first time that we had lunch-out that all the plates were emptied… that we didn’t bring home any leftovers… i guess all of us were really very hungry…

i’d like to thank grant for that wonderful lunch… hope that won’t be the last one! (i think that lunch was a bad idea — the majrsleepyhead’s having another attack—-arrrggghhh)

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i watched transformers yesterday with my ‘antuken’… the movie was nice but the cinema wasn’t… there were just too many people inside it… we also had to sit about 5 rows from the front (what a drag)… major booboo was the slippers i was wearing chose to bust its strap the moment i got off the car… good thing the movie was nice… me and my antuken had a good laugh at it… although it was a lot different from the transformers i grew up with… i remember when i was a kid, i used to watch the cartoons with my big brothers… after that, we had japanese food for dinner… i ordered tempura while my antuken had a bento box of pork something (not sure what it was, it sure didn’t taste like teriyaki but it looks like that)… then we went home after that…

we talked for about two hours before he left to go home (actually i slept while he watched and i would wake and we’d talk, then i fell asleep again)— i had an early day at work today…

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