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i was glad to have two days off from work. i filed for a leave for tomorrow. masayang okasyon. mr. antuken and i have been enduring each other’s quirks and what have yous for two years. it has been our thing (nung mag-boypren gelpren pa lang kami), to spend the day together, road trip somewhere. we really had nothing planned for tomorrow. but i know he wants to watch avatar again, this time, on imax. okay sana di ba.

kaso, early sunday morning, we got one of the worst news ever. although, we knew the day would eventually come, when it does pala, nakakagulat. my sister-in-law has been suffering from diabetes for a long time. she underwent an operation last week and she was about to go out of the hospital last saturday. nagulat ako, early sunday morning kse my cousin called and told me she was gone. we immediately went home to batangas and tried to comfort my brother and their daughter. i think all anniv celebrations will be off for the meantime.

my nephew, who we thought would be okay with another death (my ninong passed away last month) was really devastated. according to my mom, he cried a lot daw. rach even told him that it’s okei, wherever tita ves is, she’s happy. and my nephew blurted out: ‘HOW COULD SHE BE HAPPY? SHE’S DEAD!”

yesterday, he didn’t wanna go/come to the wake. but my kuya and SIL eventually talked him into coming. i sat beside him and was saddened by what he was saying. i can’t exactly remember the words he used. but he said something like: the flowers are great, they’re beautiful, but what they’re for is not.

that coming from a 6-year old. all of us are at a loss and i hope my kuya and their daughter overcome, what i think, is one of their biggest hurdles. friends ask me how kuya and deedee are doing, and i don’t exactly know how to answer them. i’m sooper sure devastated is not enough to describe how they’re feeling.

to ves, may you rest in peace and our prayers are with you always!

and to my antuken, hope you never get tired of me. love you always!


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