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my nieces sofie & tish spent last weekend in batangas. same thing with me. my hubby had work that weekend & i decided to spend the weekend at home too.

i was playing with my cousin nina’s psp when da told us what her little princess told her brother kirby (they were talking to him online, through YM)… if i remember it right it went something like this…

kirby: sabihin mo sa mommy mo, bumili na kayo ng sarili nyong kotse

tisha: eh, kung plantsa nga hindi kami makabili, kotse pa kaya!

(hahaha. da’s family just moved into their new condo, and they still haven’t bought their own flat iron. they used to live with her in-laws)


my mom’s twin sister whom we all call ninang was having a chat with our yaya, all of a sudden my niece/godchild blurted out… CHISMISAN NA!

we all had a good laugh after she said that. kids!



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even before i got married, my family was asking me already on where i’d open the gifts i’ll be receiving on our wedding. of course, i told them, probably at my hubby’s place, for it’s normal that after the wedding reception, if the couple hasn’t checked in a hotel or somewhere, they’d go to where you’d be living, right? and we we’re going to live with my in-laws. mom even asked if we could do the opening of the gifts at home (our home). she also said that during her own wedding, her twin sister almost had a tantrum and demanded that they do the opening of the gifts on the bride’s house (i think, one of our lola’s house, somewhere in manila).

i didn’t commit to opening them at home though. haven’t discussed it with my then, future hubby. after the wedding, we were told that i couldn’t go back to our house yet, and had to wait for 3 days. so naturally, i asked my kuya keats to have our gifts delivered at my new home. i was really excited to open our gifts, but of course, we spent our wedding night, somewhere else.

on the day after our wedding, i texted my mom and asked her to come over, and we’d open the gifts we received. they arrived late in the afternoon (and i spent the whole morning, trying to guess what were inside the boxes of gifts we got. when my mom texted me that they were on their way (she was with her twin sister, whom i call ninang — although she’s not my godmother, and one of our godmothers, ninang rose), i readied everything — my wedding notebook – to write the names/kind of gift, scissors, cutter, trash bag, etc.

so what did we get? of course, the usual dinner set, sets of utensils, cooking ware, fans, bed linens, bath sets, and a lot more… it’s not surprising that we got a lot of gifts. we had quite a number of guests (we initially set the guest headcount at 200, but then, initial numbers aren’t usually followed) and we truly, really appreciate the kindness of all our guests who spent the event/occasion with us and even gave us a token of their kindness. it was also nice to get wedding cards from my relatives abroad with their pieces of advise for us. i loved what my ninang chona (my only ninang when i was baptized) wrote…


but that’s not the best part. wanna guess how many rice cookers we got? check this out…


and that’s not all. another one was added a few weeks after. belated gift from some of my crew at work. but this post wouldn’t be complete without showing this…


my cousin in LA gave that (sila ng gf nya). of course, i’m sooper ecstatic when he emailed me and asked me what i wanted. we actually chatted about this. among the models he sent (he sent pics of some digicams), this was what i chose. i really wanted to get a canon. but they’re a little expensive. kakahiya naman to ask for such an expensive gift. although, butot (my petname for my cuz) is such a generous cuz (naks! benta!), may hiya naman akong konti. hahaha. to hazel & kerbot — a million thanks talaga. i was so excited to get it that when my mom texted me that they got the package from tito siebert (i’m not sure if i spelled it right) i told her to come pick me up at work. hahaha.

and this…


mommy kengks, i truly, really appreciate this gift. imagine, she even went to bangkok to buy something like this for me (hahaha, kala mo naman yun talaga ang purpose ng pag-bangkok mo, feeling ako, sorry) only to discover that they stopped selling this a couple of years back. she asked for my address when we met and told me she’d send her book in germany na lang. i was surprised when i got a text that she had something for me and that she’d give it to my SIL, rach, for they were going to meet with other PMNers. complete idiot’s guide talaga ang ibigay saken. hahaha. i hope this helps my antuken and i into making one of our own little antuken.

and lastly to our ninang prency. ninang, i was really overwhelmed at may installment pa po ang gift nyo for us. the first one was enough, i think. receiving the 2nd installment was such a surprise. you’re very very very generous po and i’m glad that we’re in touch because of this blogging experience. hope i’d be able to post stuff about the coming of the little ones soon. pinagi-igi po naming mabuti ni hubby because everyone’s excited for us to have a baby.

to everyone who sent us and gave us gifts, be it monetary or stuff for the house or whatever, and everyone who sent us their wishes, mr. & mrs. antuken are really grateful. a mere thank you, i think, isn’t enough.

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as early (or should i say, as late?) as december, i was scouting for places that we could go to for our HM. i didn’t look outside of the philippines because i wanted to explore our islands first before venturing out of the country. besides, my passport’s expired already and i thought it would be wasted if i renew it and after a month or two, have it renewed again (change of status, name, etc.).

top choices were bohol and palawan. so i searched the net and we finally decided on palawan. this was a last minute decision, we decided i think 2nd week of january already, when i booked our tickets. good thing PAL had tour packages that were really affordable. Cebu Pacific had some too but I wanted to use the new airport (which wasn’t really that new), so we chose the package offered by PAL.

We could have had a better time if it wasn’t raining so hard. When we got there, we took the city tour first. But it really was raining so hard, so we didn’t enjoy it as much as I think we were supposed to.

Second day, we took the Honda Bay tour c/o the hotel that we got (Legend Palawan) — a tour of the islands/island hopping. The islands were really beautiful, but it was raining so hard that instead of having it the whole day (which was what it was normally), we cut it short to about after lunch. It was difficult to snorkel while it was raining. The water got a little blurry/murky. We were with a couple of sexy English girls in this tour. Lunch was included in the tour also. At the hotel, I kidded my hubby on why he didn’t talk with the English girls. I told him he was being anti-social again. And I actually thought his answer was cute. He said he thought I would get jealous if he did. Hahaha. (i don’t think I’m the jealous type though)

We weren’t decided on whether we would take the Underground River tour. First, I think I’m a little claustrophobic and second we really didn’t want to go touring if it was raining again. We’d rather spend the day in bed. Hehe. But the tour guide told us that a trip to Palawan wasn’t complete if we didn’t go to the Underground River. He said that there were a lot of beaches in the country and it was better to go to the Underground River than island hopping. When we got back to the hotel after our Honda Bay tour, we heard other tourists say that it was really very sunny at the Underground River. So we finally decided to go there on our third day.

The fourth day was spent shopping in the public market (prawns & tuna), for our trip back to Manila was at 1030 in the morning.

We really felt it was ‘bitin’. Mr. antuken actually wanted us to go back in the summer but I’ve used up all my leave credits.

Wana see how much fun we had?


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