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like what i said in my previous post. scheduled VL ko yesterday & today. i treated my family to dinner last night somewhere in atc. a few weeks ago, i’ve been contemplating on where to celebrate my birthday. will it be in an asian seafood restaurant or american resto. whenever we’d dine out, i’m always thinking of my mom’s twin sister. she doesn’t like american food. she doesn’t like steaks, burgers, etc. what she loves is pinoy food. sinaing na tulingan, adobo, etc. so i was leaning on the asian seafood restaurant rather than the american resto. she gave me the answer a few days before my birthday. she said she also liked the american resto because the food there was great. so american resto it was. i had reserved for 21 (yes, that’s how many we are!) but my MIL’s having difficulty traveling due to an operation she had about a year and a half ago. so they begged off (we just had lunch delivered at home as my treat for them).

here are most of the gifts i got (ninang & da’s gifts, and monet & jay’s also, i failed to take photos of, sorry…) —-




we started off with some appetizers first while waiting for the others to arrive. da’s family had to wait for the end of color coding before they could leave their condo. monet & jay were coming from makati.


then each one of them ordered what they wanted… here are some of ’em…

burgerkujules and kuya jayvee each had the cheeseburger (which i think is gigantic!)

garlic-chicken-primaveramonet and da each had this garlic chicken pasta primavera (which i liked, but needed a little more salt or cheese, for my taste)

jd-porkchopninang, mark, joan and dino each had the Jack Daniel’s porkchop, which according to mark is good (feels like steak when you slice it. hehe)!


hubby & i shared this sizzling chicken & shrimps (the mashed potatoes were gone before i remembered that i haven’t taken a photo of it yet).

mom had the same. i didn’t get to take photos of what kuya keats, ves, rach, deedee, tito greg and jay had. they were at the end of the table. hehehe. but if i remember it right, i think rach had the mushroom chicken and mushroom something… hahaha. the kids had the kiddie fingers. deedee ordered this after her meal…


i love their oreo madness but since everyone was full and i couldn’t finish one by myself, i didn’t order it anymore (which i really regret, tsk.). after the meal, while we were walking to the parking lot, everyone was asking me how much i spent for the treat. i told them nothing. i got a bonus last month and i told them i’d rather share the blessing with everyone than keep it to myself. i always wanted to eat in that resto with the whole family. usually it’s just some friends i’m with. or with my hubby. it’s a different experience when you go out, eat a lot, with a big family. i think i enjoy the food more. hehe. thanks for everyone for celebrating the night with me. and for all the great gifts you gave. what’s next? we’re waiting where joan, mark and tito greg will treat us. they’re april celebrants too. the lowdown of the night? hubby took out the scale when we got in. i tried and looked too (haven’t weighed for a long time) and here is what it was…

weigh-inthe last time i weighed i was just 96… and now it went up to 102. need to exercise, hubby said. although i’m still underweight. exercise to be fit is what i need, i think. not to lose weight.


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i’m off for about 11 days! ansarap.

scheduled VL (at the start of the year, we give a VL planner, ilagay mo dun when you’d take your leave credits, and we call it scheduled VL) ko today and tomorrow. tapos weekend. walang work. the rest of next week, shutdown ang plant where i work cause of major repairs that will be done on the floors.

parang ang haba. baka tamarin na ako bumalik sa trabaho a. hehehe.

hopefully on the 7th & 8th eh wala pa rin akong work. hindi pa kse sure yun e.

all i know is, i’m getting bored waiting for hubby to get home. we’re having dinner later with my family. i’m sure magpapakabundat na naman kami. 🙂

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