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what’s in store for me in 2008?

i was tagged by my ninang prency to do this one. i used to read my horoscope daily. i also used to buy those horoscope booklets sold at bookstores to know what my horoscope for the day will be. i don’t remember when i stopped doing it, but i’m glad to read what the stars say about me for this year.

All you have to do is visit this LINK. Choose your Zodiac Sign and copy/paste what the stars have to say on your blog then highlight all the predictions that you like or you can relate to. It’s that easy. Start the year with good vibes.

Aries Horoscope 2008

Aries Horoscope 2008 brings along much good news for the “Arians”, as the stars say that the year 2008 would start with a good note for people belonging to this sun sign. Alignment is said to be the theme for Arians according to the horoscope 2008. It is advisable that Arians should focus on giving up those things in life, which are not organized. The Aries horoscope 2008 also says that the year ahead brings many good opportunities related to career. An Arian always likes to be on the top position when it comes to the professional front.
The year 2008 brings along ample opportunities for getting the Arians ahead on their career path. Just keep your goals in focus and keep making right efforts to accomplish them. A right move can take you many steps ahead on the ladder of success.

Talking of love life, the Aries horoscope 2008 does not have much good news. According to the horoscope 2008, the love life for the Arians could be a little discouraging. The need would arise to re-evaluate the relationships with one’s partner. The relationships would ask Arians for more commitment in the year ahead. In fact arranging the love relationships would be a priority for this year.

The year 2008 also bring into limelight the aspect of spirituality for Arians. They need to pay attention to attaining inner peace in this year. The financial aspect also brings only good opportunities for people belonging to this sun sign. The stars reveal good progress for Arians in the field of investment, especially in the real estate sector.

Hmmn… not bad don’t you think? And now, I’m tagging sexy maru and jeck who seems to be in a crisis (hehehe) so he could know what’s in store for him for this year (naniniwala ka ba dito jeck?) 😀


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i really am so frustrated right now. well not that much anymore. i just got off the phone, vented my frustration to my friend. we ended up talking for about an hour and a half. initially about my feelings. and then about our lives.

my problem is, whenever i get frustrated about something, i want to talk it over with someone. best if it was with a friend, but if they’re not available, i talk about it with someone else. a friend from work. our yaya. etc.

i never thought something so petty would get to me. maybe it’s the wedding jitters or whatever.

my antuken & i had a little tiff. what about? seating arrangement. he keeps on insisting that it’s useless to make one. he doesn’t know the turn-out of the guests was what he said. it’s futile to make one coz the guests will seat with people they know, was another thing he pointed out.

i called him (i was at work, he was at home) to explain why we needed to make one. first, it might get chaotic. told him, the 2nd thing he stated wouldn’t happen because what we’ll do is ask the name of the guests and tell them their table number.

he keeps on insisting that he can’t make the arrangements coz there will be unfilled tables. we can’t seat some people with people they don’t know. was what he said. i told him, eventually we might have that. that’s why we’re making seating arrangements. to ensure that we seat people with people they know. still, he was steadfast in saying it’s useless.

i told him, if i knew all his guests, i’d do the seating arrangement. but i don’t. i told him, if you want, you could have your guests free-for-all/first-come-first-served tables, but i’m arranging the seats of my guests, in  a very sarcastic tone, mind you. and what did he say???? okei, that would be good. grrrrrrr.

haay. i can’t believe we’re in this situation. i ended up hanging up the phone on him cause he told me to go back to work.

this is just one simple thing i’m asking from him. he never came with me when i went and talked to our suppliers — invitations, photo & video, caterer, buying wedding favors. he never went with me when i gave out invitations for my friends (and they were looking for him). i told them that he had work. they came back with: couldn’t he file for a leave to accompany you? and i answered with: you know how it is with us factory workers, it’s a little difficult to file for a leave. and a guy friend answered with: i was on leave for a month when we were preparing for our own wedding.

and now, for just this one thing. he acts like i’ve given him a gargantuan task. grrr.

it’s a good thing to have your friends around so that during times like these, you get to talk it over and somehow lessen your frustration. thanks rhods. i’m glad i said some sensible things to you the last time we went out and i’m sooper happy that it somehow enlightened you about some things. things i’m totally not an expert on. and i’m so touched when you said that it’s really different when you get a friend’s perspective on some things (meaning my perspective). miss you.

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Haay. I’ve been terribly busy the past couple of weeks talaga. Tying up some loose ends for MY BIG DAY. 😉

I only have a few little things left to take care of.

 My mom’s really been a big help. Sobra. I never imagined that she’d go with me to divi, commute, to buy some last minute stuff. And we ended up buying our wedding favors there too(I was still undecided up to the last minute). Which were a little bulky (but not that heavy). We ended up paying for the 2 seats taken up by the boxes in the FX that we rode on going back to Buendia.

I took some pictures but I’ll try to post them soon.

Right now, I’m busy trying to look for good deals for our HM trip. We’re thinking of Bohol or Palawan. But I think Palawan’s winning. 🙂

Haay. I’m soooo excited!

(to my blogging friends) Sorry I haven’t done much visiting lately. Will try that after all the fuss has died down. 😉

It’s actually funny. I gave out most of my invitations over the weekend (and the past week). Most of my friends commented/asked if this was what I really wanted. If I was really decided on doing this. And I wondered why? Why do they keep asking me that? Do I look reluctant? Do I look unhappy?

I’m actually a little scared. Scared of the unknown. Scared of the future. Scared of being answerable to someone else. Scared of doing wifely duties. Scared of many things, really. But I’m thinking, what I’m feeling is normal. Isn’t it?

Eniwei, just a little over a week to go! And I can’t contain my excitement.

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