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another year’s ending and a new one will start in a few hours. hopefully 2010 will be better for all of us. i’m wishing that in 2010, i’ll have more time for myself. i’m wishing for a baby. and i’m wishing that my foot will get better.

2009 has been a busy year for me. nawala ang time ko to blog, to visit blogs i love reading (although quite a number of the blogs i go to doesn’t have that much updates either — busy rin kaya sila?), and to go out with blogging friends. my five-day workweek became a six-day one. and at a number of times i work 7 days a week. was it worth it? obviously not. mas yumaman ba ako working those ungodly hours? definitely not. pareho lang ang bayad ko when i work 5 days a week and 6 or 7 days a week.

i wanna look forward to lousy days on the beach. walang cellphone to disturb you in any time of the day. mahiga lang sa beach, magbasa ng libro, have a couple of bottles of sooper ice cold beer and have some smokes. i wish i could have that sa 2nd anniversary namin ni mr. antuken. kaso, ngayon pa lang, alam kong hopeless wish. i don’t think my boss would allow me to go on a break knowing that on those dates, we probably have an audit by TUV.

is it right to wanna retire as early as 33? i didn’t have this feeling last year. baket ngayon biglang parang i’m sooo tired. christmas break? holidays? ano yun?

i went out with my long-time friends a few weeks ago. late ako sa napag-usapang oras. tapos, i had to retire earlier than them, kse i was too sleepy (woke up real early to get to work e). sadly i also had to wake up early the next  day, kse may work pa rin. the catching up i was hoping for didn’t happen much.

christmas night was a good time to have a few beers with my cousins sana. or play poker. kaso, wala rin. had to work the next day. eto ba ang work na gusto ko? i think i’m too old to go and look for another job. tomorrow will be another year. hopefully when 2009 goes away, it takes away these feelings i’m having lately with it.


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