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a quick christmas greeting to everyone!

just had christmas breakfast with my in-laws (after the christmas mass). hope everyone’s going to have a wonderful and blessed christmas today! can’t wait for my nephews, nieces and godchildren para mamigay ng mga gifts nila (i love giving gifts to kids!).


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kainis lumuwas ng maynila lately. baket kamo? lekat na traffic.

gumising ka ng maaga para hindi ma-late sa training mo na sinabi sa ‘yong 8am ang start.

shempre, sumabay ka ba naman sa mga normal na empleyado. lunes. pamula calamba hanggang mantrade, nakatayo ka sa bus.

tapos pagdating mo sa opisina, 830am naman pala ang simula. pero ang tinext sayo ng organizer eh 8am. okei lang. may libre namang breakfast.

(pero bago ka pa pumasok, dumaan ka muna sa mcdo para mag-hamdesal with cheese at orange juice)

ayos naman ang training.

umalis ka ng office ng 5pm. lekat na traffic going to alabang.

ang haba pa ng pila sa van pauwi ng calamba.

nag-text si hubby ng: kumain ka na?

at nagreply ako ng: hindi pa

with matching text from hubby again: naco, eh di nalipasan ka na ng gutom nyan?

reply-an ko ng: nag-merienda ako before leaving the office

nakasakay ka na rin at long last.

at traffic??? asa ka pang wala nun. normal na yun ngayon. christmas season daw. anong koneksyon?

dumating ka ng bahay halos alas-diyes ng gabi. gutom na gutom at nagsisisi sa mahabang pila sa festival (di ka naka-singit dumaan sa kahit na anong fastfood para mag-take out).

bonus: walang pagkain. cute di ba.

ang drama ko: matulog na lang at nalipasan na ng gutom

nag-text pa ng: kumain ka na? (eh wala rin naman palang pagkain. akala ko naman, tinirahan ako. hmp.)

grrr talaga.

shempre, sira ang drama ko na matulog agad. may nagpa-party sa kabilang street at kumusta naman ang music nila? kahit mag-earplugs ka hindi eepekto sa lakas.

so shempre, ang drama ko sira. ano pa nga bang magagawa ko. eh di i-accept agad ang sorry nya kahit deep inside eh bwiset na bwiset ako sa kagutuman. grr.

(pero, nagluto agad sya ng food nung nalamang di pa pala ako kumakain. akala daw eh busog na ako sa meriendang kinain ko. —- hello! kelan pa ako nabusog sa merienda!)

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my mom arrived last sunday from the states. after 6 months of gallivanting in the different states of the u.s. of a. she finally came home. (hahaha, it wasn’t exactly gallivanting, exaj ko na yun) i think she finally missed us. 🙂

as early as 4am of dec 7, i was awake already. her flight was arriving at 545 and my brother told me that they were leaving the house at 430am. they were picking us up on the way to the airport (which didn’t happen. they left a little before 5am, i think). we got to the airport at around 530 (surprisingly, no traffic in slex) and when we called her she said her flight was early. that she got there around 5am, and that she was still waiting for her luggage.

me sandwiched between my mom's twin sister and my mom

me sandwiched between my mom's twin sister and my mom

we had breakfast at pancake house, petron-slex and got home before the manny-dela hoya game started (not the main event ha).

of course, all of us were excited to open her luggage (2 big maletas plus 1 big box) and see what pasalubongs she had for us. (not including the 2 balikbayan boxes that arrived before she did and she specifically told us not to open until she’s there to do it) my nephew yohan (who’s 5) was funny when he immediately asked her “mama” where his pasalubongs were. that was the first thing that my mom took out. she searched through her bags and looked for yohan’s toy first. when he got it, of course, he was so happy.

so one by one, we went through all the bags and all the boxes. and yohan squeezed through all of us, went near my mom and asked her: ” is there anything more for me there mama?” hahaha. i told him: “we’ll call you if you have anything more, go.” but he stayed in one corner and we all laughed again when, after a few minutes, he shouted: “there, that’s for me! i can see my name!”

i was amazed and asked my brother (his dad) unbelievably: “he could read already???” and my kuya replied that yohan knows how to read his name already. it was fun trying to fight off for the pasalubongs with my cousins. hehe. mom was talking non-stop since she got on the van until we left that night, after dinner, telling us all about the different experiences that she had. when we went there again last night, the stories haven’t ended. hahaha.

here are the goodies that i got…

dress, blouses, jackets, pants, etc.

dress, blouses, jackets, pants, etc.

towels, bracelet, socks, bag holder, digital picture keychain, so pink body mist (my #1 bilin), mittens, kitchen stuff

towels, bracelet, socks, bag holder, digital picture keychain, so pink body mist (my #1 bilin), mittens, kitchen stuff

and of course i want to thank all our relatives in the states for all these goodies: patrick and mylynn for my number 1 bilin — so pink body mist from gap (can’t find one here), kuya lester and ate rachelle for the chocolate, my ninang chona for some of the clothes. and to my cuz’s gf, hazel for the bluegreen blouse and the black sando with matching bottom. and of course to my very wonderful and very generous mom who bought most of what’s in the pictures. we were actually asking kirby (my cousin) for the digital picture keychain

digital picture keychain

digital picture keychain

while chatting with him last week, he showed us this item, which wasn’t really what he was showing us, but samples of the digital frames that his mom was asking for. we begged him to buy one for us (one for his sister monet and one for me) but it showed that the item had no stock available online and that it wasn’t sold in the stores. he just laughed at us but i was so happy to see it in one of my mom’s luggage. we actually thought kirby bought it for us, but mom said she did. sooper thanks mom!

this is also one of the fine stuff that mom brought me…

bag holder

bag holder

a handy bag holder. girls woud love this. i actually heard that this is available in one of the stalls in greenhills, but since i had no time to go there and shop for one, it was a good thing that mom brought some of these. you just put this on the table and it sort of works like a hook that could hold your bag (esp. when you’re out in a restaurant, etc.). hubby and i’d also like to thank tita marirose and her family for their belated wedding gift ($$). we don’t mind at all that it’s late.

aside from these stuff that mom brought, she said there are still boxes that’ll be arriving, hopefully before christmas, containing the bags that we are waiting for (still from our relatives). i asked mom to hold the opening of those boxes when i’m around. hehe.

before these frenzy, i actually got some stuff from my hubby’s aunt, who also sent a balikbayan box in time for christmas. she’s actually one of our ninangs during our wedding. she sent me these…

stuff from ninang yolly

stuff from ninang yolly

i actually got more than my hubby. hehehe. to ninang yol, thanks so much for the early christmas goodies that you sent! see you next april?

what can i say? santa came a few weeks early at our house. hehehe. aren’t you just envious of me??? hahaha.

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10 things that make me smile

na-tag ako ni damdam. ano raw ba ang mga bagay na nakakapagpangiti saken. well, heto sila in no particular order…

1. seeing old couples in the mall or in the cinema. tapos holding hands pa sila. tapos nagpapaka-gentleman pa si lolo at inaalalayan si lola. i remember nung hs ako we watched beaches (but i don’t think that was the working title here. basta ito yung movie ni bette midler and mary louise parker, tapos dito rin ginamit yung song na wind beneath my wings). SRO talaga sya. tapos there was this truly old couple na ganyan ang ginawa. can’t help but say “aaww…”

2. morning kisses from hubby

3. funny antics of my nephew yohan and nieces tish & sofi

4. putting my hand in one of the pockets of either my jeans/shorts or jacket tapos makakapa ko na may pera. naiwan pala noon at nalabhan na’t lahat, andun pa rin.

5. chocolate crinkles from becky’s kitchen. or max’s. or mernel’s.

6. wrapping gifts. and then giving them and seeing the joy in the eyes of the recepient.

7. back-rubs

8. bargain buys

9. the smell of old books (kaya love ko tumambay sa library. hehe)

10. solving a crossword puzzle.

(should it really be just 10? this list could go on and on… i don’t think i’d run out of things to put in here. hehe)

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