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20 questions

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Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

20 Questions Meme

1.) At what age do you wish to marry?

  • I always thought I wanted to be married by 24. But I had no boyfriend then. And now I’m way past that age already. 🙂

2.) What color do you like most?

  • Pareho kami ni sexy mama —- red din!

3.) What’s the one thing that’s always in your bag?

  • A pack of tissue.

4.) Where is the place that you want to go the most?

  • I always wanted to go to Prague.

5.) Which part of you that you hate the most?

  • My tummy.

6.) When you encounter a sad moment, what do you do?

  • I cry. Minsan, nag-aaya mag-inom.

7.) What are you afraid to lose the most?

  • My loved ones. My family.

8.) If you win $1 million, what would you do?

  • Take my whole family out of the country. Tour Europe with them or something.

9.) If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?

  • I don’t think I’d have the guts to do it.

10.) List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.

  • Sexy, flawless, ultra-funny!

11.) What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?

  • That he be a good, responsible, reasonable & trustworthy partner & provider. That he be a little more sociable. And that he mustn’t lose his sense of humor. I think marami pa, pero hahaba na ang post na ito. 😉

12.) Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most?

  • Kung meron man, I’d rather not think about it. No use dwelling in the past.

13.) Which type of person do you hate the most?

  • Kiss-ass type of persons. At yung sobrang ma-papel.

14.) What is your ambition?

  • Mababaw lang ang ambisyon ko. Na sana maging mabuti akong asawa at ina. Sana ma-treat ko ang pamilya ko sa isang out of town/out of the country na gimik. Yung tipong wala silang gagastusin, dalhin lang nila ang sarili nila.

15.) What is the thing that will make you think he is bad?

  • Pagbuhatan ako ng kamay or saktan ako in any manner.

16.) What is it that people doesn’t know about you?

  • I’m a very transparent person, alam na yata lahat.

17.) What is your Motto in life?

  • what goes around comes around. i soooo believe in karma. hehe.

18.) Name one of your body part your hubby or boyfriend tells you he adores.

  • I think he likes everything about me. hehe. To narrow it down, i think my ass. hahaha.

19.) It would be 2008 in a few days, do you have a new year’s resolution?

  • None. I don’t believe in ’em.

20.) If your better half is cheating on you, will you forgive him or her?

  • I actually don’t know. I might. But it would really take a long time for me to get to trust him again.

I want to get to know these people better, so I’m tagging Maldito, gasti, random, jeck, chillidobo, angel, bunz, and kiko.


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haven’t done much blogging lately. was a little busy doing some wedding preps. and because last week was the last production week at work. the whole week was spent doing, aside from the usual monthly reports, year-end reports too.

plus, was busy doing some last-minute shopping. i have quite a number of inaanaks, and because i think christmas really is for kids, i really make an effort to buy gifts for them & my nephews & nieces too.

i really don’t recommend last-minute shopping. aside from the really long lines at the cashier, the traffic is really really really terrible. good thing i don’t drive, or else, i think i’d really hate christmas. hehehe. i spent the weekend at the mall. last saturday, after work, i want to makati to buy gifts. and last sunday, to get the polvoron i ordered from sexy maru.

even if it was a very tiring weekend, and my feet were really killing me, i wouldn’t mind repeating the same experience. 🙂

i used to do my christmas shopping early, but this year, i got delayed, due to i don’t know what reasons. hehe.

well, merry christmas everyone!

(sexy mama, twas really nice meeting up & hanging out with you. anytime you get lost in the jungles of luzon, give me call)

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it was my boyf’s xmas party last night and he invited me to come. i really wanted to kse he & some of his officemates joined the battle of the bands contest. i haven’t seen him play, kaya naman in-effort ko talagang pumunta kahit may nilakad pa ako sa ortigas that day. plus i wanted to meet some of his officemates too.

pagdating dun, may parang caravan ng chuckie (the chocolate drink). he asked me if i wanted a cup. i declined. major busog pa ako sa lunch na kinain ko. i had a burger at wham! that afternoon. while working at a pharma company in mandaluyong kse a few years ago, dun kami malimit kumain. at parang na-miss ko. kaya naman kahit hate ko kumain mag-isa. i went and had a burger & fries at wham! ay, half a burger lang pala. di ko naubos eh. i only ate about half of the burger. i got the other half ‘to go’.

the usual group presentations*raffle*production/intermission numbers happened. while waiting for my boyf’s band’s turn to play, i took a trip to the restroom. pagbalik ko, i saw chuckie being surrounded by kids of different ages. eh ang cute nya kse naka-santa outfit. pagbalik ko sa table namin, nagpa-cute ako sa boypren ko & asked him to take a picture of me with chuckie. pinagtawanan ba naman ako. para daw akong bata. well, i might be older than him, pero yung inner child ko ay hindi pa nawawala. hehe. eto ang kinalabasan…


suya pa nga ako sa dalawang kids kse sinira nila yung moment ko with chuckie. hehe.

my boyf’s band won 2nd place nga pala. hindi ko mashado na-enjoy ang performance kse busy ako nakikikuha ng video. stage girlfriend. hehe. pinakamalakas ata ako mag-cheer eh. 🙂

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haay. night shift ako last week (which really s*cks). tapos, pagdating ng friday, napasubo ako at nai-volunteer na maging emcee ng christmas party ng aming kumpanya (which i violently objected to). uso sa kumpanya namin ang may mga theme chorlvaness. that night, the theme was: COMPANY goes to broadway (itago na lamang ang kumpanyang pinapasukan ko sa ngalang COMPANY —> grabe! pinagisipang matindi yan) — meaning, all the group presentations were broadway productions. come in your jazzed-up jeans & white top daw. i was kinda thinking of what to wear to the party last week, when i saw my mom making something for my nephew — something like a beaded cummerbund. eniwei, dahil housewife si ina, i asked her if she could do something like that for me. yun na nga lang sa jeans ko. she readily agreed. impressed ang officemates ko with my jeans. i was supposed to host the party with another officemate. i said supposed to, kse we haven’t even started yet, nasa 7th bottle of beer na sya (we were going to host the 2nd part of the program, group productions & raffle). he kept on offering his 7th bottle to me, to which i thought – no thanks, i could easily get a bottle of my own (sori, mataray ba?). i didn’t want to be host kse:

1. ibig sabihin, i wouldn’t get to drink much. shempre, dapat maayos ako habang nagho-host. eh pag nadadaluyan ng alcohol ang dugo ko, lumuluwag ang bibig ko at kung ano ano ang nasasabi ko.

2. my first 2 christmas parties with the COMPANY, i didn’t get to drink. lagi kse akong meron kapag christmas party. i don’t drink kse if i have e. this year, totally free of my monthly bisita ako, tapos emcee???!!! hassle di ba?

3. puro ex-pat ang mga boss — our country GM is taiwanese, our plant manager is aussie, our ex-country GM is indian (he was there too)— meaning, kelangan engrish ang medium. nosebleeding at it’s finest ako sa gabing ito. grabe.

eniwei, share ko ang ilan sa mga pics nung nag-host ako.



nakakatawa. we were supposed to read a synopsis of the broadway production that each group was going to present. yung partner ko, slurred na ang words. at tipong sa 1st group ko lang sya kasama. kasali sya sa presentation ng last group (5th group) at after ng group namin, nagpaalam at magbibihis pa daw sya. susko, akala ko naman major outfit change. eh nagpolo lang naman at nag-pants na hindi jazzed. grrr. tapos kanina he IMed me and told me he wasn’t drunk that night daw. hehe. to think, pagdating na pagdating nya, major rehearsal ang gusto nyang gawin. we only met that night nga pala. he worked at our ortigas office & i worked at the plant. kung ano-ano pang adlib ang ginawa nya during rehearsal. pagdating sa hosting moment talaga, haha, hindi nya masabi mga linya nya (we were provided a script, kumbaga, para sa flow ng program).

our group won 2nd prize, beauty & the beast nga pala yung ginawa namin. di na ko naka-kuha ng pics kse i was busy nag-VO kay beauty. hehe.

shempre, ang inaabangan ng lahat ay raffle. kasamaang palad, once natawag na ang name mo, di ka na matatawag ulet. kumbaga, you can only win once. kakaumpisa pa lang ng party, natawag na agad ang pangalan ko (sino nga bang hinayupak ang bumunot ng pangalan ko?hmmnn). i was hoping to win one of the major prizes sana. o di kaya yung mga overnight stay for two at edsa-shang. haay. ang napanalunan ko? eto…


okei na rin, kesa sa wala di ba? my aussie boss even bought me a drink. while at the bar, he told me to get a drink. his treat. i told him i still have beer stubs (we each got 3 stubs). he told me, a girl like me shouldn’t be drinking beer. get a bailey’s or something was what he said. so dahil libre nya, sinamantala ko na. i told the bartender: 1 margarita please. hehe. eto itsura ko after a couple of beers & a glass of margarita…


our ex-GM even told me i was doing a great job as a host daw. o eh di palakpak naman ang tenga ko di ba. got home around 3am na ng saturday. linshak, paguwi ko, dapat matutulog na ako agad. pero ano’ng nangyari? kasumpa-sumpang pain ang naramdaman ko. sa legs, sa thighs, sa knees. sobra! never have i experienced such kind of pain. ever. inisip ko, baket kaya? hindi naman ako nagsayaw. ngunit naalala ko. nag-emcee nga pala ako. may katagalan ang pagkakatayo sa harap. plus i was wearing heels pa! eh sobrang bihira akong mag-heels. actually, i never wear heels talaga. nung naging boypren ko lang si mr. antuken, he once mentioned na baket di raw ako naghe-heels tulad ng iba kong friends (itong usapang ito, nangyari nung sinama ko sya sa rockwell to meet my friends, shempre windowshop ng konti). mas sexy daw ako pag nag-heels. ako namang si luka, naniwala. bumili ng mga heels. major torture tuloy ang inabot ko. parusa galore ang sakit na naramdaman ko! all in the name of katalandian!

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from moomoo to princess

hindi ako mahilig mag-make-up. the only stuff i put on my face is lipgloss & sometimes a little blush. but lately even those stuff, i don’t put on anymore. working in a pharma company, bawal ang mga ganung bagay. so why bother, di ba? pagdating mo ng planta, kailangan din naman tanggalin. baka maka-contaminate pa sa produkto.
dahil nga nalalapit na ang araw ng pakikipagisang dibdib ko sa aking mr. antuken, kailangan kong maghanap ng make-up artist/hair stylist for the big day.i actually asked my friend baka pwede sabado (kahapon yun) magpa-trial make-up ako. busy-busyhan daw si mitch (ang mok-up artist) kahapon, so kanina habang nagbibihis ako at sisimba sana, nagtext sila na papunta na raw sa bahay namin. so may i postpone ako ng pagsimba, mimyang hapon na lang. ishe-share ko lamang ang transformation na naganap. from isang moomoo… (check out my sobrang kapal na hair)


eto, at nilagyan pa ako ng kung anik-anik na kolorete sa fez. with matching jafeyks na pilikmata. nung una pa nga, sabi ko ayoko ng fake eyelashes. baket pa kse di ba? ang sabi ng mudra, need daw para gumanda ang eyes. sabi naman ni mtich, need daw kse ayaw daw nyang mascara ang ilagay. malimit daw kse nagc-crayola ang mga brides, baka sa pagtulo ng luha eh kulay itim. so sige, go na nga… from mukhang moo, feeling ko prinsesa ang naging itsura ko… yaya, asan na ang gown? (hehehe)


pakiramdam ko pa naging kirat ang mata ko dahil nga hindi ako sanay sa false eyelashes. shempre, hindi ata pasado sa metikulosong nanay ko ang aking make-up. pati hair. saken naman, ayos lang. kaya lang parang sobrang pula ng cheeks. sabi naman ng pinsan ko, okei lang daw para sa pictures hindi maputla. yan. walang retouch sa photoshop yan. binago ko lang ang background. buti pa ang mga groom, walang pino-problema pagdating sa kasalan. sa bride, susko, parang andami. pero okei lang. hindi ako nagrereklamo. eto nga’t excited na excited na ako. 😀

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eto mga lab ko (tag)

dhez tagged me last week, kse may katagalan daw ako mag-post, para daw may mai-post ako. sorry dhez, this is kinda late. i’ve been busy at work kse we had a bfad audit today, so last week, i was busy reviewing things at work to see if there’s anything that needs to be done before today. eniwei, the tag is a handwritten post. supposedly about things i’m addicted to. i’m not really that addicted about these stuff so i modified it to luv na lang. things i love… (nagamit ko pa tuloy ang sobrang lumang pad, tipong 15 years ago ko pa ito nabili, hinalukay ko sa baul ko)


1. dsc01695.jpg matching undies – eto talaga, mahilig ako dito… sobra… malimit nga, i don’t wanna leave the house kung hindi matching ang undies ko… hehe… nasabihan na rin ako na tigilan ko na raw ang pagbiling mga ganito at andami ko na raw… etong nasa pic ay ilan sa mga favorite ko. the louder the colors/print, the more it attracts me to buy it… 🙂

2. dsc01697.jpgbooks – these are the books on my bedside table right now… before i go to bed kse, mahilig ako magbasa… kahit mga tipong isang page lang per night…

3. dsc01699.jpgdvds – these are some of my favorite dvds (movies), karamihan din sa mga dvds na nabibili ko (boss edu, wag ka magalit, pero mga pirata itetch), hindi ko pa napapanood… mommy ko ang nanonood sa mga to… pero definitely ang mga series, naco, mina-marathon ko talaga yan (like gilmore girls, prison break, csi, grey’s anatomy, house), nasa hiraman pala ang mga namention kong shows ah… hmmn, kelangan pala i-remind sa mga nanghiram na isoli at baka di na bumalik saken… i would’ve loved to get a hand on pedro almodovar’s works, kaso yung nakita kong dvd, walang english subtitle… spanish, french at german lang… sus, neither of which ay kaya kong intindihin… subukan ko siguro tumingin ng orig nun… meron ba kayo alam mabibilihan ng mga dvd ng old movies? wag ebay please at wala ako alam sa pag-purchase ng mga stuff online (hehe)

eto pa ibang dvds ko…
yung mga bags, hindi ko na na-picture-an… ayoko kse istorbohin ang mudra, manggugulo pa ako ng cabinet eh baka bigla akong mabagsakan at matabunan. oo. ganun kadami ang mga bags namin. i said namin, kse bags ko at ng nanay ko yun. isasama ko pa rin sana ang shoes, kaso ang hinihingi lang naman talaga eh 3 bagay… nilabag ko na nga ang rules at ginawa kong apat. sorry, kung sino man nag-start ng tag na ito, hindi ko mapigilan ang self na mag-break ng rule eh. hehehe. etong mga bagay na love ko, in no particular order yan. i just numbered them pero it doesn’t necessarily mean na yung #1 eh ang bagay na talagang kinaka-adik-an ko…

hmmnn, whom to tag??? now i wanna tag jeck, drew, angel, and… kanino pa nga bang handwriting ang gusto ko makita… eto na lang muna… 🙂

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