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haven’t had the inspiration to post anything for the last couple of months. life has been a little stressful and i’d rather sleep than think up of anything to write. but what have i been busy with these last couple of months. mostly, work. i’m having trouble walking too what with my medical problem with my left foot. so i haven’t been able to wear shoes for the last couple of months. it’s always open sandals.

i’ve spent quite a lot on meds too. but it’s okei, as long as i can wear shoes and walk straight again. haha. haven’t been able to go to malls for quite some time now (okei, that’s a bit of a lie). well, since one of the clinics of my doctor is in a mall, that statement was not entirely true. hehe.

it’s so frustrating that i can’t eat many of the food that i love to eat because of this foot problem. no chicken, no eggs, no shrimp. no crabs. anything “malansa” isn’t good for me. even canned goods isn’t allowed. sometimes i’m soooo tempted to try. but i just think about trying to walk straight again and the urge disappears.

a friend from the office calls me darna. haha. and i thought she thought i was sexy like marian rivera. hahaha. feeling. i asked her why she calls me that and she said cause i walk like i had a limp. just like darna. hahaha.

my doctor advised me to not to stand or walk for long periods of time. but my job requires me to do those. so i wrote to my boss a month ago and asked him that i won’t be able to complete the work standard that he set for us (daily). i dunno what they discussed but two weeks ago, i started training, trying to learn how to be part of the supply chain, instead of production where i’m really in.

this work doesn’t require me to do walk-arounds, or stay on my foot for long periods of time. i spend most of my days in front of my pc. the last two weeks saw me trying to learn how to make the production schedule. at least with this new training (which i’m to undergo for about 3 months), my weekends are free! yey!

tonight i’m going out with the other supervisors and the new team leaders. too bad, i couldn’t drink. i promised hubby i’ll waive my drinking privileges until my foot heals. hehe.

hopefully, i can get to update this blog more frequently. lately, i can’t seem to get the urge to write anything. i spend more time visiting the blogs of friends than i do on my own. hehe.

tomorrow is palm sunday. start of the holy week. and for the nth time my birthday falls on a good friday. bummer. although some friends say it’s good for i don’t have to spend anything to celebrate. abstain for this year. haha. but then again, i love celebrating my birthday. not sure yet when i’ll do that. but for sure there’ll be a little celebration here at home on the 5th for it’s the town fiesta. feast day of st. vincent ferrer.


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